Once Upon A Time Season 6, Episode 9: “The Changelings”


By Casey Rose Frank

Hello, Oncers! We’re back after a brief break and ready to see what Gold and Belle have in store for viewers this week.

1. Calling a nun, who is a fairy in another world a “wingless glowworm” is a lame clap back, Gold.

2. I’m surprised that the Evil Queen is actually balking at the idea of killing Zelena, where is her line in the sand?

3. Girl, if your would-be boyfriend says you have to kill your sister before you can be together- deal breaker!

4. So how does the magic dust decide to speed up time, a sprinkle on this lady ages her like, 30 years, but speeding a pregnancy along is maybe 6 to 7 months…

5. Back in the days when Belle was a prisoner, Gold brings home a baby in a basket like NBD, causal baby-snatching.

6. Shut up! There’s a manual for defeating the dark one? This can’t be a real thing.

7. Belle finds everything in the library (Anyone else cry watching the new movie trailer?)

8. Wait, I think this a dream…or a trick…

9. Confirmed by the tripping balls glowing red string.

10. Aww! It’s her son in their dream world from before.

11. How strange to keep meeting your unborn son when he’s a full grown adult.

12. Jasmine’s bummed about needing a genie’s wish to help find Agrabah, and Snow tells her “It’s never too late to be a hero Jasmine!”  Hell yeah #princessboss

13. A book inked with squid ink! Hooray pirate knowledge!

14. That can what, freeze Rumple? There’s a lot of rules and tricks in this universe, I need Google’s help…

15. Emma’s embroidered shirt is super cute.

16. Back in the day, Belle is reading to the stolen baby, and I want to be that baby.

17. She’s reading “Her Handsome Hero” and says she wanted to be a strong brave hero, not the girl getting rescued which is in direct opposition of her earlier storyline, but I can accept some revisionist history.

18. Zelena has an oversized green fur coat and EQ has an insane top-pony and wrestling champion belt, what is the thought here? Evil Women have questionable fashion taste?

19. I guess it’s nice that EQ wants Z to put the baby down before she kills her?

20. Regina takes out her own heart and begins crushing it in order to stop EQ from killing Z! There is sister love!

21. EQ to Regina, “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” Right, because she isn’t literally you..

22. Hook’s grin while provoking Gold is ridiculous charming, I need more of cheeky Hook and less of depressed Hook.

23. It’s a distraction, but of course, Emma squid-ink-freezes him so they can search for the Dark One’s dagger

24. Emma has one of her visions, we can see more details on the dagger, do we think the sword that kills her is nearby?

25. Turns out Gold can move and just walks out the front door…

26. Belle’s back to her books, and shit, Gold is behind her!

27. “You really think dried squid ink can hold me, I’m too powerful for that now,” I keep forgetting about the “power of all the Dark Ones” garbage from last season.

28. I’m getting pretty tired of the creepy abuser rhetoric, Gold.

29. Seeing Belle back in the day, imprisoned and in heels makes me all the more happy that Emma Watson is playing Belle in boots.

30. Belle reads Fairy, and my paltry Spanish skills seem extra lackluster.

31. So Rumple tricked Belle intro translating Fairy text so he can call on the Black Fairy whose favorite currency is apparently babies.

32. Belle is really bad at attempting to escape, wait until the door is closed before you run to it?

33. In present day Gold tells Belle, “I’m a man no one can love” but believes that maybe by stealing his son’s fate his son can love him. Yikes.

34. Regina is with Zelena and I’m just noticing the boat captain coat she’s wearing…

35. Z: Wait, you came to steal from me? Why did you save me?
Regina: Because that’s what heroes do, they save people.
But Regina can’t forgive Z for killing Robin, so not so much with the sister love then.

36. Jasmine rubs the lamp! And two gold cuffs pop out, hmmmm.

37. Aladdin becoming a genie so he can grant Jasmine a wish to find Agrabah feels like it’s going to come with some serious repercussions.

38. Seeing the Blue Fairy coming to rescue Belle back in the day reminds me exactly how hideous Blue’s costume is, there’s just so much going on.

39. Blue gives the breakdown on the Black Fairy: She was good, but then her heart blackened and she started stealing children instead of protecting them. That’s a suitably vague backstory.

40. Turns out that Belle’s tea had baby-come-quick powder in it, guess someone has an agenda for her to have the baby now after all.

41. Back in the day Rumple calls on the Black Fairy because it turns out that she’s his mother who abandoned him at birth! This show has become an epic soap opera of the who’s who in fiction.

42. She says she chose power over love, and I guess our writers are big on the cyclical nature of parents and children.

43. Black Fairy poofs away in full on bitch mode and now we sort of get why Gold super hates fairies.

44. Why are all the fairies still living in the convent as nuns? I assume the vocation of being a fairy happens sans Christianity…

45. While Belle is able to visit her grown son in dreamland again, he tells her that she knows what she must do. I don’t like where this is going…

46. She’s hugging him and crying and telling him how much she loves him, and he adds, “Mother, don’t forget the book.” What book?

47. After asking Blue to be her son’s fairy godmother, she asks that Blue to take her son away some place safe, so I was right in my guess that “what she must do” is hide him from Gold.

48. And she has Blue take “Her Handsome Hero,”, and she names him Gideon after the hero in the book. I guess that’s the book he was talking about. And now I’m ugly crying.

49. So Blue has magic and just enjoys the nun life so much now that she doesn’t use it?

50. Belle telling Gold “I didn’t abandon him, I gave him his best chance at a good life,” has some major Emma vibes.

51. Gold: What’s our son’s name
Belle: Why, so you can use it to find him?
I actually really like the way the use the “names have power” mythology.

52. Turns out that it was EQ who put the powder in Belle’s drink and is more than happy to be Gold’s enemy now. At least that will stop the nauseating romance.

53. Gold says, “I play a very long game,” and I love the reminder that Gold’s desire to get his son back is really the backbone of a six season narrative.

54. “EQ good luck finding your son…again,” that one actually stings despite Gold’s evilness.

55. Emma and Hook find the sword from her vision in Gold’s shop after he wrecks it, and they decide they can maybe reverse engineer who uses it in the vision. Her holding it up reinforces my personal theory that Emma is going to be fighting a version of herself.

56. The teaser for next week looks gooooood! Wishes having consequences is one of my favorite plot lines.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Any theories of your own?

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