58 Thoughts On Once Upon A Time: “Wish You Were Here”


By Casey Rose Frank

Both viewers and the Savior alike have wondered what Emma’s life might have been like if she had been allowed to grow up as the princess of The Enchanted Forest. This week’s teasers promise us just that, so let’s go wander the path not taken…

1. So the sword that’s supposed to kill Emma can cut the Evil Queen without harming Regina? Interesting, I wonder what the backstory for this blade is…

2. And Gold it pretty happy that Emma stole, that’s surprising.

3. Oh, just kidding, he’s only happy because he hopes Emma kills EQ before he does, either way he wants EQ dead. Again, still happy they’re done pushing the lovers angle.

4. I love that as a viewer you never know when the hero gang is tilting at windmills, or when their plot will be the one that finally works, it’s a finale episode so there could be a moderate chance for success…

5. EQ managed to snag the lamp from Jasmine, so this is how she’s going to deal with Emma.

6. “Wishes come with a price,” yeah, okay Aladdin, but we have no examples, can you be more specific? Like “Monkey’s Paw” price or backne?

7. “You wished you weren’t the savior- and that’s what you’re going to get.” Asking for someone else’s wish to come true does feel dangerous. Think of all the things we wish for offhand…

8. Emma looks so sweet and demure in her ball gown!

9. Snow and Charming are actually old and dreamy and happy!

10. How come the fashion hasn’t changed over the years? Maybe it’s retro, like choker necklaces coming back in style 20 years later.

11. The sword came with Emma from Storybrooke, which she thinks is a dream, and her parents are like, no worries! Swords just appear in rooms all the time.

12. Henry is going to be knighted, how fancy!

13. There’s a portrait of Neal/ Baelfire on the wall, so Emma is a widow in this universe? This is heartbreaking.

14. Henry takes up the mystery sword, the Chekhov’s gun of OUAT…

15. For every cool spell there’s one boring one like this, that involves rubbing hair together and sprinkling it over a globe.

16. So can Gold not locate the baby because the Blue Fairy is awesome at hiding babies or what?

17. Aladdin is my hero, serving up sass along with cocktails to the Evil Queen: “Appletini? Isn’t that a bit too on the nose, even for you?”

18. EQ is making some S&M style jokes with Aladdin…

19. Can’t Regina make a wish because they’re the same person? Is this her plan, please let this be her plan…

20. YES!

21. After you wish to be sent to wherever Emma is, wouldn’t you then shout, “And I wish you to be free, Aladdin” so EQ can’t make any more wishes?

22. I love how Liz Lemon eye-rolling over it Regina is about the glorious statue dedicated to defeating the Evil Queen.

23. Emma is humming the sleeping beauty song and she’s picking flowers, this is fun and yet uncomfortably odd.

24. Regina’s like, we’re co-moms! and Emma’s like I don’t understand this progressive co-parenting she-devil.

25. Yes! Snow is still firing her bow and arrow!

26. Why doesn’t Emma also have a bow and arrow- Snow is a badass but didn’t teach her daughter to be one?

27. Charming: What’s to stop her (EQ) from wishing to send them to someplace even worse? See, Regina, you should have wished him free before poofing away.

28. EQ’s palace is in ruins but Rumpelstiltskin is there in the dungeons sounding more bonkers than ever.

29. Rumple rolls with the punches better than any other character: Regina: This is a fake reality. Rumple: Now I’m intrigued.

30. Rumple’s advice to get Emma to remember who she is to force her to become the savior again by giving her an enemy. I hope this isn’t a slippery slope for the good Regina…

31. And now she’s letting Rumple out so he can give her a magic bean tomorrow so that she and Emma can get back to Storybrooke…I have a bad feeling about this, fake reality or not.

32. So Gold is worried enough about the baby to remove Belle’s lojack cuff and to beg her to call the fairies and make sure the baby is okay. Where was this calm precision a few days ago, it would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

33. Belle has a flip phone, maybe she’s calling Adele.

34. “Presenting Prince Henry!” has such a lovely ring to it.

35. Aww, Regina wants to see him all fancy and grown up, getting knighted.

36. Is it common to knight Princes? Or to do it when he’s like, 15?

37. In the face of EQ Emma asks for mercy and bows…blurg

38. Back in Storybrooke, David gets the lamp! Woot woot!

39. “I wish that the EQ gets exactly what she deserves”…and nothing happens and she says it’s because she’s already getting what she wants.

40. “Deserves” isn’t the same as “wants”, this is some weak and annoying BS

41. In the Enchanted Forest, UGH, Emma is giving Regina the key to the kingdom instead of fighting her.

42. Regina’s like boo you whore, I just need you to be real Emma.

43. She has to watch her parents die, even as fake parents that is brutal.

44. Henry is going to be the savior?

45. It’s okay Mom, I don’t need to shave yet, but I’m going to defend you…

46. Oh, wow, Emma stopped Henry’s sword! She remembers who she is!

47. Alert, alert! A black-robed person just portaled in from Granny’s!! This is not a drill, this is Emma’s killer!

48. Black Robe turned EQ into a snake in a cage in a gold necklace, what is happening?!

49. And then Blue Fairy lets us know that the Black Fairy took Belle’s baby and Gold explains that he will now be in a realm of unimaginable darkness. Babies sure get shuffled around from world to world like it ain’t no thing a lot on this show.

50. “Singing princess Emma isn’t my favorite model” Regina: the voice of the people.

51. Jasmine saying “Do you trust me?” to Aladdin is just too good. Fingers crossed they ended up someplace good

52. David sees the Queen transformed into a snake and says “She got what she deserved…” And then there’s a dawning moment when after hearing the description of the black cloaked person seems to realize “Ah shit, I brought this on Emma”

53. It’s Gideon!!!!!!!!! He’s evil!!!!!!!

54. Wait, despite naming him Gideon, he went by Morpheus in the dream…was this a trick all along? Did he know that by having his mother send him away as he asked that he would become a being of immense dark power?

55. Morpheus, Those bangs though…

56. Regina wants to be with Robin, and even though he’s from a fake world, I get it! My heart breaks for her.

57. And they missed their portal.

58. Emma should have jumped without her.

And that’s a wrap on the first half of the season!

What did you think of this story arc so far? It definitely felt like a return to the best aspects of the first season, but I think I’m starting to get some new villain fatigue.

Any guesses on why Morpheus/Gideon is set to take down Emma?

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