7 Life Lessons We Learned Watching “Full House”


By De and Kate

A very merry early Christmas to us, season 2 of Fuller House is returning to Netflix today! And you better believe we’ll be cozying up on the couch this weekend to catch up with our favorite fictional childhood family. We’re quick to admit the storylines are cheesy, and Lord knows, we’re still wondering how Danny afforded that $4 million Victorian home. Let’s be real, hosting Wake Up, San Francisco was a good gig and all, but not that good of a gig.

Still, occasional unrealistic plotlines and living situations aside, we loved watching Full House as we grew up. We related to the characters in their struggles and some of the first life lessons we learned came by way of the Tanner family. Our own experiences coupled with those of D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle taught us these 7 things:

It doesn’t matter as much where you are, it matters who you’re with.


And so even if we get stranded at an airport over Christmas or stuck at a gas station on our birthday (please, no) it will all be okay because we’re with our people. Bonus life lesson in each of those episodes, you can make the most of even the seemingly shittiest of situations.

Nobody wants to hang out with you when you’re acting like a bitch.


Lest we ever forget this, please remind us of the time that Michelle became princess for a day at Disney World and treated everyone around her like a servant. If we treat people like crap, (including the people who love us the most) they aren’t going to want to spend time with us.

Things change and that’s okay.


Remember that episode when the girls come home from summer camp still riding high on all their great times and then, when they have to head back to the cabin to return the rabbit Michelle snuck in her bag, they realize nothing is the same? We’ve all had that experience at one time or another, whether it was in walking through the halls of our old high school, or seeing someone from our past and having nothing to say, things change over time. It doesn’t discredit how much the experience meant to us or how important the relationship was, it simply means that life moves on.

If your parents embarrass you, it’s because they care.


Danny Tanner was the literal definition of the embarrassing dad (and Uncle Jesse and Joey were the embarrassing dads by proxy). But at the end of the day, they only did embarrassing stuff because they cared about the girls.

Being popular isn’t all it’s cut out to be.


Remember that episode when Stephanie wanted to fit in with the cool girls? She later realized that it’s better to just be yourself than to try to fit in where you don’t really belong (and have to make bad choices to do so).

It’s always fun to have a crazy best friend.


Having a crazy bestie like Kimmy keeps things interesting. And when push comes to shove, oftentimes the crazy BFFs are the ones that end up being the most loyal and will stick by your side through thick and thin.

You mess up, you learn, you move forward.


We’d reference a particular episode here, except wasn’t that kind of the point of the whole series? At the end of the day, Full House was like one big lesson in unconditional love. We actually wonder how many heart-to-heart talks happened seated on Stephanie’s twin sized bed.

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