Currently: December 2016


By De & Kate

On tap today, we’re sharing a list of all the things we’re currently loving as we head into winter and close out 2016.

Essential Oil Diffuser


Essential oils are shown to have a whole batch of benefits in everything from soothing stress to increasing alertness. And who of us isn’t looking for a little mood booster during the day? This particular diffuser even comes with its own starter kit, so if you’re new to the essential oils game, you can get your feet wet with the mini bottles provided in the box.

Graham Cracker Toffee (Aka Graham Cracker Crack)


Searching for a dessert to bring to your next holiday party or something sweet you can gift to your coworkers before winter break? We’ve got you covered. Well, we should say, Averie Cooks has you covered with this graham cracker toffee. It’s easy to make and absolutely delicious – the only downfall being that once you have one piece, you may want another. And by another, we mean the entire pan.

Nautical Lamp


We know it may seem a little strange to be sharing a coastal-themed piece during the middle of December, but decorative accessories like this one make us happy. Not to mention, even on days that it’s snowing outside, they remind us that beach season will come again.

Slow Cooker Enchilada Quinoa


When we shared our favorite slow cooker meals a couple weeks ago, we featured this one. Since then, its ingredients have made their way into our crockpot 3 times. Meaning, it’s officially become a regular in the dinner rotation, partially because it’s so simple to make, but even more so because it’s truly scrumptious.

Light-Up Office Décor


Is there anything better than office décor that literally and metaphorically brightens up a room? This Light Box from The Paper Source allows you to write any message you want. Perfection. ($39.95)

Thick Velvet Choker Necklaces


Sorry/not sorry, but choker necklaces are HERE TO STAY. Honestly, we’ve loved ’em since the ’90s and we’re so glad they’re socially acceptable to wear again.

The new Taylor/Zayn collab


“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” is our new favorite song and we don’t think we’ll ever stop listening to it.

Bullet Journaling


We’ve never felt as productive as when we started using/making a bullet journal. Pro tip: Write something down you’ve already done so you can cross it off.

Tell Us: What are you loving this month?

{featured image via pexels}