The Most “Essential” Oils


By Rachela Forcellese

Essential oils are truly the best. There are a wide variety of kinds that can be used topically, ingested, or can even serve as a nice replacement for a candle. They have a multitude of purposes in life. However, essential oils also contain very strong properties. That is why they should always be diluted. A little goes a long way when using them. While I believe that all are essential, some have more health benefits than others.

Here are the 5 oils that I use most often: Continue reading

15 Gifts For Your Friend Who Is Obsessed With the ’90s


By De and Kate

If you’re anything like us, you’re perpetually stuck in a Throwback Thursday. And that’s totally okay. Hopefully your friends are too. And when it comes to shopping for those ’90s-obsessed folks, you may feel like you might want a time machine in order to just bring them back to the decade they so desperately worship. But luckily, there’s the Internet. And there’s lots of gifts out there for ’90s babes. Warning: You’re going to be obsessed with these gems and probably want them for yourself.  Continue reading