15 Gifts For Your Friend Who Is Obsessed With the ’90s


By De and Kate

If you’re anything like us, you’re perpetually stuck in a Throwback Thursday. And that’s totally okay. Hopefully your friends are too. And when it comes to shopping for those ’90s-obsessed folks, you may feel like you might want a time machine in order to just bring them back to the decade they so desperately worship. But luckily, there’s the Internet. And there’s lots of gifts out there for ’90s babes. Warning: You’re going to be obsessed with these gems and probably want them for yourself. 

1. A Tamagotchi Pin


Hey, if the tomagotchi is a drawing on a pin, you can’t kill it. Etsy, $9.04.

2. Speaking of pins…there’s a Full House one.


Necessary. Etsy, $10.

3. This tribute to the Babysitters Club is perfect.


Who was your favorite? Etsy, $29.00+

4. And there’s this great Boy Meets World sweatshirt.


“I want what they have.” Etsy, $17.99+

5. A *real* ’90s choker.


Sure, chokers are trendy again, but do they have planets and peace signs and smiley faces on ’em? I don’t think so. Etsy, $5.81

6. A ’90s coloring book


Sheer perfection. Amazon, $8.84

7. Scrunchies.


Duh. Etsy, $5.00

8. This bumper speaker will speak to your inner Cher Horowitz.


Hopefully the other cars on the road have seen CluelessEtsy, $6.50

9. And these pencils are perfect for anyone who still can’t stop watching 10 Things I Hate About You.


“I know there’s a difference between like and love.” Etsy, $2.00

10. If you’ve got a friend who still mourns the fact that Dawson’s Creek is no longer on the air, this shirt is necessary.


Which one was your favorite? Etsy, $24.00

11. And this is the shirt for any Spice Girls fans.


Were you a Posh or a Ginger? Etsy, $23.99+

12. You can still buy butterfly clips.


These were ALL the rage. Etsy, $6.00+

13. You can pretend you went to school with Buffy.


Sunnydale alum, right here. Etsy, $32.27

14. Or that you went to Bayside.


And obviously spent every day hanging out with Zack and Kelly. Etsy, $16.00

15. Write all your secrets in a Sweet Valley High notebook. 


Just make sure Jessica doesn’t read it! Etsy, $14.50

Tell Us: What’s your favorite ’90s movie or TV show?