I Know This Sounds Crazy, But Hear Me Out


By Kate Kole

I’m Kate and I’m a recovering emotional bottler. I’ve been known to say “I’m fine” when I’m really not fine at all and I prefer long walks on the beach over long conversations about deep rooted feelings that require prefaces like, “I know that I’m being crazy, but…” and “Please don’t judge me.” That being said, I use the word recovering, because I’m trying to sift my way through some of those old bottled feelings so I don’t eventually explode into a major meltdown. Continue reading

10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Every Occasion


By De and Kate

Not only is it Friday, which if you ask us is reason enough for celebration, it’s also National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. If you’re lucky, maybe your mom saved some of her finest (and by finest, we mean tackiest) retro sweaters from Christmases long, long ago. And, if not, retailers everywhere have you covered so you can still participate in the holiday fun. Continue reading