7 Things to Keep In Mind When it’s Cold Outside


By Joanna Grey Talbot

Winter gets such a bad rap. Most people face it as a trial they have to go through in order to finally reach the glory of spring. I respectfully beg to differ. Having grown up in Georgia and North Carolina I love having four distinct seasons, winter included. After living in north central Florida for a year and a half where winter lasted for about a week and a half and native Floridians put on winter parkas as soon as the temperatures dropped below 65, I knew someday I wanted to move somewhere that understood the concept of four distinct seasons. Thankfully, my wish came true and this past summer my husband and I moved to North Carolina. As we enter the winter season, I am reminded again why I love it so much, even on the days I whine about it being too cold.

Fluffy sweaters and sweatpants

Working from home, this combination becomes my winter uniform. Throw in a pair of fluffy slippers or socks and I am set. We can all stop worrying about our “summer body” for the meantime and enjoy being enveloped by the clothing equivalent of a blanket.

Mug full of your favorite hot drink

I am a year-round coffee drinker but in the colder months is when I love it the most. The sensation of holding a warm mug full of your favorite coffee or tea or hot chocolate is one of the best feelings. As someone who loves routine, it is comforting to know that every morning after I get up I can turn on the coffee pot and start my day with a mug full of fortifying coffee.

Excuse to stay indoors

We can’t let the cold weather keep us from living our lives outside of our homes but sometimes it gives us a nice excuse to stay home. You can finally catch up on your reading or work on that project you keep having to put off.

Vacation somewhere sunny

Winter also gives you a great reason to travel somewhere sunny and warm for a vacation. Follow the path of the Snowbirds and head to Florida or southern California or even the Caribbean. Then you can tease all your chilly friends on social media with images of you relaxing on a warm beach with a tiny umbrella in your drink.

Sleeping under a mound of blankets

This by far is one of my favorite things about winter. As someone who lives with anxiety, physical pressure is very soothing for me so I always sleep better when it’s cold outside because I get to sleep under heavy blankets. I can also finally dig into the two baskets full of throw blankets that I keep in the living room for when we watch TV.

Sitting inside a warm house and watching the snow fall

As a child I loved playing in our rare snowfalls as much as the next person but as I grew up I began to appreciate more and be grateful for the fact that I could sit in my warm house and watch the snow fall. Some of my favorite memories of living in the Washington, D.C. area was the rare occasions that the office was closed because of snow and I could sit by the big window in my apartment’s living room and watch the winter wonderland grow outside.

Holiday Season

Whatever holiday you may celebrate, I think most people would agree that the holiday season is what makes winter so wonderful. Bundling up to go gift shopping or piling in the car to go see Christmas lights or attending a special church or synagogue service – there is something for everyone in the holiday season. It’s a time to be with the ones you love, reflect on the year that has passed, and share hopes for the year to come.

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