New Year, New Grind: 5 Ways to Recharge Your Hustle for 2017

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By Eliza David

To say that 2016 was a rollercoaster is an understatement. We went through a lot this year: violence in the streets, endless high-profile deaths, and – of course – the most polarizing presidential election in recent history. One thing, however, that remains constant for all girlbosses is the grind. The hustle never sleeps but it needs to recharge before we usher it into the New Year.

With the holidays, family commitments, and festive celebrations taking up your already-packed schedule, how do you find time to map out your grind for the New Year?

Here are five easy ways to ring in 2017 with an arsenal of goals on deck:

Remember the Good Times

It’s easy to recall what went wrong professionally over the past 365 days. Bad reviews, revenue decline, job loss – these are obstacles no boss chick is immune to, no matter how erratic the year has been.  As you learn from your mistakes, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for all that you’ve accomplished.  Go old school and jot down on a slip of paper all of the good things that happened to you: every presentation you conducted, every connection you cultivated, every sign of praise you garnered.  These are all worth as much note as your areas of improvement. Claim them as you go into the New Year.

Get Schooled

Recently, I enrolled in a Masterclass on television screenwriting. The kicker? The course will be facilitated by the Queen of Thursday Nights, writer/producer Shonda Rhimes. Although it doesn’t start until the spring, just signing up for the class reignited the writing bug in me and I whipped up two blog posts (including the one you’re reading right now!). From night classes at your local community college to free-of-charge MOOCs, there are many educational opportunities in your chosen field. Invest in yourself and in your education. Remember – boss ladies never stop learning!

Visualize It

When I’m not working my day job, I am an indie romance author by trade. One of my favorite parts of plotting out my novels is building a vision board. I use this tool to focus on my characters and to build a world around them. This same strategy works well when I need to organize my hustle goals.  A simple Google search will lead you to ideas on how to build your own 2017 vision board in different formats.  This year, I’m using the vision board plan created by one of my favorite girlboss blogs, The Bronze Hustle.  Not one for the bells and whistles of a fancy plan? A simple pen and pad may be all you need to write your vision into existence.

Schedule Time Off

Wait, what?? Yes, you read that right. One regret from 2016 that I have is that I didn’t take nearly enough vacation time away from my day job.  Taking a break is vital for not only for the success of your grind but for your overall well-being.  At this point, you don’t even need to know your future vacay destination; simply blocking off a week in your schedule is enough for now.  Think of it as a motivational reward for reaching your mid-year goals!

Be a Bossy Bookworm

If you follow my past posts, you’ll note that I am an advocate of bosschicks who read. There are some great books out there that will help you get your goals in order.  Some of my faves include Sophia Amoruso’s GIRLBOSS (which I own electronically and in paperback – it’s a hustle bible!), Alwill Cara’s Girl Code, and Brandy Butler’s Girl, Just Quit.  Even if you only have time to skim any of these three lit picks, I’m sure you’ll find keys to your 2017 goals within the pages.

So, girlbosses – break out your notepads, laptops, and calendars and get your goals out.  Recharge from 2016 so that your 2017 brings you all of the successes you deserve. Happy New Grind!

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