Stay Your Path


By Kate Kole

I have a slight (and by slight, I mean major) girl crush on Carrie Underwood. So, naturally, when she announced her fitness apparel line, I treated myself to a couple tops. After all, women support one another, am I right? Printed along the inside band of my favorite tank are the words, “stay the path.” Each time I toss it on and see that saying, I feel a slight boost of reassurance and faith. I’m where I’m meant to be.

I think the reason those 3 simple words spark confidence within me is because they bring me back to my own journey. The one that isn’t concerned with what the people around me are doing and where they are going, but is instead paved in its own unique and worthy way.

Comparison is a sneaky bitch, and it regularly gets the best of me before I even have time to realize it. It’s a lose-lose experience in that it either creates a holier than thou feeling of being better than and further along, or, one of less than and somehow behind. Neither way of ranking the experience of life feels good.

The encouragement to stay the path makes me present to one of my deepest held beliefs which exists beyond the superficial b.s. that all too often steals my focus. That is, no one is better or worse, and there is no further ahead or behind. We’re all human and this hierarchy is one we have chosen to create.

Our lives aren’t linear. We’re complex, passionate, and talented individuals, each in our own amazing and distinct ways. We think, love, view, and create things differently. So why would we ever use something as narrowminded and painstakingly one-dimensional as comparison to view ourselves and to rank our journey, to rank ourselves as human beings?

Stay your path is my chosen mantra for this season of life. It’s my reminder that we aren’t in competition with one another and that our gifts aren’t meant to be compared, but to be celebrated. It’s my reassurance that if I keep going in the direction of my own intuition, there will always be space in this world for what I have to offer. And it’s also my inspiration to root for others on their path, knowing that their successes don’t not mean I’ve failed and their shortcomings don’t make me superior. Their victories and struggles are apart from my own. They too are paving their own way.

I’ll admit that even in knowing comparison never serves me, I still fall into its trap at times. I’m tempted to favor creating a life that looks good on the outside over a life that feels good on the inside. I race to keep up rather than move at my own pace. I feel the natural draw to fit in and FOMO rears its ugly head. When I feel uncertain of my next step, I’m quick to wonder if I’m doing life wrong. I lose focus of my own path and I quickly search to see what others are doing instead.

I think that’s normal, but it’s not productive, and it definitely doesn’t benefit me or my relationships. So, when I can feel that I’m starting to stack my journey alongside someone else’s, I reign it in. I intentionally work remember that just because something feels confusing and difficult doesn’t mean it’s not meant for me. Even though I can’t always see the light illuminating the way, it still exists.

I struggle with faith and I know I’m where I’m meant to be. I feel lost and I find the next step. I question the process and I choose to stay my path.

“You can’t miss your boat. It’s yours. It stays docked till you’re ready. The only boat you can miss is someone else’s. Let them have theirs while you wait for the boat God made for you.” – Glennon Doyle Melton

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One thought on “Stay Your Path

  1. Dejandomihuella says:

    I always feel out of place. I always try to like to people and I’m just tired of doing it, I’m tired to try to be accepted. I don’t have to like anybody, I just have to love myself no matter what. Thanks for this post, it helps me so much to see things clearly. Sorry if I made mistakes in the com, I’ve been trying to improve my english but the real thing is that I don’t practice hard enough.


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