10 Things To Do On Inauguration Day


By Catherine Miele

I’m just going to lay my feelings out: I’m still shocked, I’m still in denial, and I’m still unsure how I will wrap my mind around the next 4 years of the Trump Administration.

The American People (well, slightly less than half of American voters, if we’re being honest) spoke, so I get it. The votes were counted and the rallies were staged, yet while I promise to remain respectful, gentle, kind, and protective of my fellow Americans, especially those who live in the margins of society, I’m not going down silently.

I haven’t decided what I will be doing on Inauguration Day this Friday, which is why I’ve put together a list of 10 alternatives. Pick one, pick ‘em all. Just keep that mind of yours looking forward!

1. Treat Yourself

If Obamacare is repealed, you might be digging deep into your pockets to cover what will likely be a rising insurance premium, so take advantage now! Treat yourself to a mani-pedi or a relaxing full-body massage. Pretend that you’re part of the 1% for a day.

2. Create a budget

With so much economic uncertainty (we can’t all work at Carrier, can we now?), most people will have an eye on their wallets in 2017. If you’ve never taken the time to budget or create a savings, get started now.

3. Serve at a soup kitchen

It’s unfortunate that political rhetoric has led to an even bigger divide between the “haves” and the “have-nots,” but serving at a soup kitchen is a reminder that there are hungry people among us. Get to know these people as you serve them – you may learn that their stories aren’t all that different from yours at their core.

4. Organize your closet

When I’m trying to avoid ruminating negative thoughts, I find that cleaning is the ultimate distraction! Having a freshly-organized space is the best way to begin a new year. Extra points for donating the items that don’t make the cut.

5. Paint

Painting can be incredibly therapeutic, especially when you’re sorting through feelings of confusion, fear, disappointment, and uncertainty. Instead of wallowing in those feelings, try to create something beautiful from them.

6. Read

Read a trashy novel. Read presidential biographies. Read the newspaper (if you still receive one of those things) and learn about climate change and why we need to care more about the crisis in Syria. Just stay away from any fake “news.”

7. Talk to your therapist

Before the holidays, I promised myself I would make an appointment with a therapist. Well, the hustle came and the bustle went, and I wish I’d had somebody other than friends and family I could discuss with my feelings after November 8. My point is, you can still talk about it.

8. Sweat it out

Much like cleaning, a well-timed sweat session is a fantastic distraction! Most folks already have exercise on their minds in January anyways, so head to the gym or out for a long run. Your endorphins will thank you.

9. Find a charity to support

Despite economic improvements and social progress over the last 8 years, there are still many groups among us whose voices are not heard, so why not pledge your support to them? Pick a charity close to home or support one abroad.

10. Drink…Heavily

Ok, this one I don’t actually recommend, but if a good workout or appointment with your therapist doesn’t help, then a little self-medication in the form of a cocktail or glass of wine is warranted. Just be responsible.

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