We Are Millennials


By Jillian Stacia

We are millennials.

We are defined by our technology. It runs through our veins. It is the filter through which we see the world. It is both our servant and our master, our greatest accomplishment and our biggest downfall.

We believe in working smarter, not harder. In saving time for the things that truly matter

We believe we can change the world. We believe our voice matters. We believe in the power of the few.

We were raised to believe that we were special, and in our hearts, we still think we are. It is a light we hold close to our chest at night- a dampened dream we struggle to keep lit.

We push limits. We push boundaries. We push each other. We push ourselves.

We were taught to share, to give back, to be of service. We believe in the interconnectedness of the human race.

We know that the outsides do not reflect the insides. That we are more similar than different. That love is love and people are people.

We believe in the value and power of art, in the influence and prominent effect of music. In the way the written word can make you weep and certain songs can break your heart.

We advocate for change when change is needed. We are more than a link in the chain of command. We respect authority, but only when authority respects us. We will change a system if the system needs to be changed.

We color outside of the box. We embrace creativity. We believe that if something doesn’t exist, we should make it. We should find new solutions. We believe in problem solving, in getting our hands dirty.

We believe in community, both on and offline. We’ve fallen in love with people we’ve never met, in faces we’ve never touched. Our relationships are not confined by shared proximity.

We love to work, but fight against the traditional workplace. We want to feel at home. We want our work to be a reflection of our greatest selves, to be the art we paint for the world.

We believe in justice, in grassroots, in going out and doing the work. Our voices are strong even though they might shake.

We were taught to believe we are special snowflakes. And we are. And so are you. Each one of us will leave our own unique mark on the world. Each one of us will create ripples extending far beyond our time.

We want to make a difference, to leave a legacy of goodness, to help others. We are not self-obsessed, we are ambitious about improving the world around us.

We want recognition. We want to be told that we are seen, that we matter, that our work and our existence adds value.

We are academics. We think things through. We have learned about history, studied great literature, learned mathematical theorems. We have plenty of knowledge but are desperately trying to acquire wisdom.

We are creatives, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists. We are many, many things and take many forms. We are not stereotypes or caricatures. We are real, complex beings with real, complex emotions.

We are team oriented. We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We are nomadic. We want to see the world, to experience it firsthand. We are adventure seekers, thrill chasers. We like to feel our hearts beat.

We are all of these things. We are none of these things. We are people, just like you. Struggling, just like you. Arrogant and humble. Smart and naïve. Excited and terrified. Overwhelmingly human.

We are millennials.

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