What Your Handwriting Says About You


By De Elizabeth

In an age of computers and smartphones, we’re willing to bet that most people don’t write a lot by hand anymore. Remember the days of elementary school when we were taught to write in cursive? Kids today don’t learn cursive (for the most part), and our lives happen pretty fast – it makes sense that we don’t always have time to write in a journal or compose a handwritten letter

That said, the interesting thing about handwriting is that everyone’s is different. Furthermore, it’s like a reflection or extension of one’s personality. In fact, there’s a lot that you can tell about someone based on their handwriting. With that, here are some ways your handwriting reflects your personality, according to graphologist Kathi McKnight.

Large Letters vs. Small Letters


People who write in large letters tend to enjoy being around people. They are outgoing, friendly, and personable. On the other hand, if you prefer writing in smaller letters, you might be a little more withdrawn and quiet.

The way you dot your I’s.


Loopy i’s are a reflection of creativity and childlike tendencies. Closed dots on top of your i’s show that you are meticulous and thorough.

Right Slant vs. Left Slant


If your letters lean to the right, you tend to think with your heart. You’re impulsive (but not in a bad way) and follow your gut. If your letters push more to the left, you’re a little more thoughtful and in your head. And if your letters have no slant at all, that just means you’re super logical.

The loops of your Y’s


If your letter y’s are loopy and large, you tend to have a lot of friends and you love to travel. If they’re a little more narrow, you’re more reserved and prefer to stay at home.

Connected letters vs. Not Connected


Connected letters reflect a personality that thinks everything through. Letters that are not connected showcases someone who operates more on intuition and less on logic.

Tell Us: What is your handwriting like?

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3 thoughts on “What Your Handwriting Says About You

  1. misshued says:

    I don’t buy into half of this, but it’s so interesting to read! Especially when you consider that handwriting changes over time, as do we.
    Although I must say, I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t write something by hand. Even if I didn’t journal daily, I always have a notebook with me to jot down my thoughts. It just isn’t the same when I take notes electronically.


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