A Letter To Us: Today, Tomorrow, & Ten Years From Now


By Kate Kole

I hope that you feel rich, with life, love, and experiences. That you’ve granted yourself permission to embrace the messiness along your path. And that you’ve unveiled purpose in each moment of pain. That you’ve taken your loneliness as an incentive to reach out to someone else, that you’ve tapped into your grief as a means to comfort others, that the times of confusion you’ve worked through have provided clarity and insight in another person’s life, and that your own experiences of darkness have served as guiding lights for others to find their way.

I hope that you take time to notice the everyday beauty around you and within you. That you find comfort in hearing the voices of the people you love, that you delight in your own laughter, that you feel optimistic as you watch the sunrise in the morning, and that you feel content as you crawl into bed at night. That you’re doing the things you love, simply because they bring you joy. And you deserve to feel joy.

I hope you’re giving yourself a break. That you’re not scrutinizing the smile lines around your eyes and mouth, but that you’re grateful for the millions of moments that caused them to exist in the first place. I hope that you catch a glimpse of your figure in the mirror today and that rather than pinch at your sides, you instead recognize the beauty and strength of your body. That you consider the places it has traveled, the feelings it has housed, and the journeys it has carried you through.

I hope you know that you matter, regardless of what you are accomplishing or falling short of today. That your life’s meaning is not contingent upon your successes or minimized by your failures. And that you know, deep down, your worth as a human being extends beyond any and all levels of doing. That the point of your life isn’t something you have to go out into the world to discover, because it always has and always will exist within the uniqueness of your soul. Look there first. Uncover the goodness that already exists.

I hope that you’re thankful for the moments that brought you to where you are right now. That you look back on the years of your life as the blessing that they are. Not because they were perfect, but because they were real, and deep, and amazing, and hard. And because life is, at times, all of those things.

I hope that you’re seeking the best in others. Even when the best is hard to find. That you’re searching for ways to connect rather than ways to divide. That you use the fight you have for compassion, understanding, and acceptance. And that in extending those gifts to others, you offer them to yourself as well.

I hope that you have faith in the future. That you believe in the beauty that you can’t yet begin to see or know. That you have confidence in your strength to carry you through the tough times that you have yet to comprehend. That you find hope in something greater than yourself. And that you carry on, one step, breath, and moment at a time, trusting that will always lead you home.

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