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By De & Kate

We first heard Miranda Lambert’s new hit, “We Should Be Friends” a few days ago and quickly got to nodding and thinking, we should be friends! Although, to be honest, we’ve been singing that tune for a while now and would readily jump at any opportunity to put on a pair of old cowboy boots and kick it with her.

While we love any celeb who has managed to keep it real and stay down to earth in the public eye, we especially love these 5 ladies:

Kristen Bell

Not to sound weird or anything, but we’re kind of obsessed with Kristen Bell. It started with her sloth meltdown a few years ago, and has only continued as she’s been vocal in her experience with anxiety and depression, passionate about the causes she supports, and open about her huge crush on Dateline correspondent, Keith Morrison.

Mindy Kaling

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Mount Creighton, South Island

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We’ve been fans of Mindy Kaling ever since her days on and for “The Office”. She’s whip-smart, incredibly talented, and her advice that “If you don’t see a clear path for what you want, sometimes you have to make it for yourself” continues to serve as inspiration for us to go our own way.

Glennon Doyle Melton

Glennon is gold. She writes from the deepest and most honest spaces, and her doing so gives us the courage to do the same. Her vulnerability and willingness to speak her truth and share her ongoing story make us feel like we really know her, and beyond that, her openness makes us feel like we have a better understanding of ourselves.

Ellen DeGeneres

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We’re expecting.

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Tbh, we get a little bit jealous every time Ellen introduces a guest as her friend, because we want in that squad. We’re all about anyone who can make us laugh until we cry, loves animals, and stands for kindness and equality, and Ellen reigns queen. Until we can be friends IRL, we’re good with the daily dance party she hosts.

Amy Schumer

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Golden Globe prep

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Let’s be real, are there ladies out there who don’t want to be BFFs with Amy Schumer? She epitomizes confidence and self-love, and we dig it. Also, she’s hysterical. Did we mention that we love funny women?

Tell Us: Which celeb should be your friend?

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