Don’t Just Buy It, DIY It: 3 Simple Home Décor Projects To Get Started

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By Kate Kole

Every time I watch Fixer Upper or Flea Market Flip (which is more often than I’d like to admit), I feel a surge of inspiration. I start looking around our rooms and wondering what areas I could renovate. And then, I remember, I’ve actually never renovated a space and that my home improvement skills extend just about as far as painting (details, details).

Still, I’d like to get my hands dirty in the DIY home décor game and aspire to someday be able to transform spaces the way Joanna Gaines does. Since I have to start somewhere, I’ve been making productive use of my Pinterest scrolling time and searching for some relatively simple projects to launch my wannabe hobby.

Here are the 3 projects that have made their way onto my inaugural To-Be-Built List:

DIY Menu Board

Menu Board.png

I typically try to write out a dinner menu in my planner each week, but I love the idea of housing it on a kitchen chalkboard, instead. It somehow makes the thought of meal planning more exciting, meaning that I might actually do it and follow it more often.

{Project and picture via The SITS Girls}

DIY Industrial Wire Mail Baskets

Mail Baskets.png

While I could undoubtedly find something similar during one of my trips to Home Goods, I think it’d be fun to see the transformation of inexpensive shower caddies into rustic organizing baskets. And, if done right the first try, it seems like a project that could actually be more budget friendly to build than to buy.

{Project and picture via A House Full Of Sunshine}

DIY Blanket Ladder

Blanket Ladder

My sister created a blanket ladder for her house, and while she arguably got all the creative family genes, I’m confident I could do this one as well. The tutorial promises simplicity, with only 3 basic tools needed, so it seems like the perfect project to get my toes wet in the DIY home décor game.

{Project and picture via Cherished Bliss}

Any other DIY projects I should try? Drop them in the comments section!

{featured image via pexels}

7 thoughts on “Don’t Just Buy It, DIY It: 3 Simple Home Décor Projects To Get Started

  1. Marie-Celine says:

    I like the blanket ladder. I’ve seen a similar thing done with bathroom towels too. Looking online is very inspirational and I always imagine I can make everything I see, until I remember that I don’t actually own any DIY tools and wouldn’t know what to do with them if I did 😂
    Wishing you lots of luck with your projects!


  2. Francis Cowt says:

    Thanks for sharing your amazing blog with us.The tips you have mentioned in your blog are amazing. Home decoration is very important, and I am also thinking to renovate my house. I definitely going to your advice that you have mentioned in your blog. Keep sharing your blog with us.


  3. Kelly Smith says:

    Wow, what a great blog. I really like it very much. I am also thinking of renovating the ground floor of my office and suddenly I found your blog. I definitely add your tips, please guide us regularly with these kind of amazing tips.


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