7 Ways To Make The Most Of Spring


By Joanna Grey Talbot

Shorts and flip-flops have been dusted off and sunblock displays are up in the grocery store. Spring also means rainy days but don’t let that squelch your desire to get out and explore your community and beyond. Warm weather always means new things to do, many of them outside, but if you are at a loss of where to start here are a few suggestions. Pack a tote bag with a bottle of water, portable phone charger, notebook, and sunblock and go have an adventure!

Botanical Gardens

Most cities boast at least one botanical garden, whether founded by a non-profit gardening organization or a university botany department. They can be beautiful in the winter with the peace and quiet that comes with cold weather but in the spring, they burst into life. Flowers and trees begin to bloom and wildlife comes out of hiding – from pollinating bees to birds building nests. Some gardens are free while others charge a small admission fee but do not miss out on the chance to stop and smell the roses and maybe take a selfie or two.

Parks and Hiking Trails

You cannot go far without passing a brown sign directing you to a park. Thankfully most municipalities continue to see the many benefits of preserving green space and installing hiking trails. Invite a friend and go for a picnic or canoeing on a lake or walking through a beautiful forest. If you are unsure of what parks are around you check first to see if there is a national or state park as they usually have more activities available. As always, there is an app for everything and there are many available for hiking trails and park locations. For example, North Carolina State Parks has an app which lets you search by location or activity, gives you updates on each park, etc.


Spring festivals are endless! You can find everything from antiques to music to craft beer and wine to art festivals without much effort. Put on your walking shoes and wander through the tents and past the stages. Don’t forget to take time to people watch!

Road Trip Through Small Towns

If you would prefer to get out of town then pick a state highway that is populated with small, picturesque towns and go for a road trip, whether overnight or only for the day. Keep an eye out for locally owned businesses and restaurants. You never know what gems you may find. Sometimes the best places may not look like much from the outside but on the inside, are an absolute wonderland.

Outdoor Theaters and Music Venues

Whether in your own town or while you’re traveling, outdoor theaters and music venues are a great destination. Catch a movie under the stars or hear your favorite band while lounging on a blanket with a picnic or a theater production of one of Shakespeare’s or Agatha Christie’s classics.

Baseball Game

Nothing says spring like the opening of baseball season. The crack of the bat as a homerun is hit, the call of the popcorn and beer vendors, and the cheers of the fans as runs are scored can equate a very enjoyable afternoon. Major league teams play 162 games over six months so it is very likely that you will be able to find one that fits your schedule. If you don’t live near a major league team be sure to look for a minor league or college team, as their games can be just as enjoyable but with cheaper tickets.

You-Pick Farms and Farmers’ Markets

The movement to eat locally is still going strong with even the smallest of towns hosting a farmers’ market. Most are open on Saturdays and if you want the pick of the best items you will need to arrive early. If you want to know exactly where your fruits and vegetables are coming from then try picking them yourself! Many farms have you-pick options, especially for berries. If you are unsure of the ones near you then try a website such as PickYourOwn.org or your state’s department of agriculture.

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