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It’s been a while since we’ve shared a list of the items we’re loving lately, so we’re especially excited to hop right to it today. Here are the current things that are adding a boost of appreciation and inspiration to our lives:

The Minimalist Podcast

The Minimalists

Our first introduction to The Minimalists was through watching their documentary on Netflix a few months ago. Even without adapting a completely minimalist lifestyle, so many of the topics Joshua and Ryan talk about are relevant to the ways in which we approach our work, relationships, home, and lifestyle. As they “discuss living a meaningful life with less,” we can’t help but consider how our own habits either add to or detract from living a life of value.


She Inspires

Speaking of podcasts we love listening to, we cannot get enough of this collaboration by the ladies behind the Love Your Belly Movement. It’s designed to encourage women to stand tall, live bravely, dream BIG and celebrate their perfect bellies exactly as they are. Yes to all of the above.

Superstar Shoes


Moving on, (or should we say back?!) we love that Adidas Superstar shoes are in style again. We rocked these back in junior high and are happily sporting them once more this spring. We’re feeling all sorts of nostalgia with the 90s styles making their return.



Season 3 of Fargo started a month ago, and we’re officially hooked on this season’s story lines. Not sure how the Coen brothers continue to knock it out of the park, year after year, but we’ll take it. If you’re looking for your next series to watch and haven’t yet seen seasons 1 & 2, we highly recommend diving into this crime thriller.

Trader Joe’s Birthday Cake Bar

TJ's Birthday Cake Bar

Now introducing our latest impulse buy. You know those nights (aka, every. single. night.) that you just need a little something sweet after dinner? Well, Trader Joe’s delivers once again with their new white chocolate birthday cake bar.

Bachelorette Fantasy League

The Bachelorette.gif

We’re pretty shameless when it comes to our love of reality TV, and specifically The Bachelorette. We’ll be drafting our lineup of stud muffins this weekend, just in time to watch Rachel Lindsay’s “journey to find love” unfold. TBD on whether or not this will be the most dramatic season in all of Bachelor history according to Chris Harrison.

So Delicious Cashew Milk Bars

When you’re too tired to go out and get an ice cream cone, this is literally the perfect at-home solution. Although, let’s be real, neither of us have ever been too tired to go out for ice cream.

Teen Creeps Podcast

What better way to throw it back to our favorite decade than with a podcast dedicated to book series such as Fear Street, Christopher Pike’s novels, and Sweet Valley? Yeah, you’re welcome.

Tell Us: What are you currently loving?

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