Simultaneously #Blessed And #Stressed

Simultaneously Blessed And Stressed

By Kate Kole

I’m assuming that at some point in time, most of us have stumbled upon a chalkboard, journal, dish towel, or Instagram post with the kitchy caption “too blessed to be stressed.” And if not, we’re at least familiar with the #blessed sentiment across social media.

Truth be told, if I scoured through my own Facebook and Twitter accounts today, I’m sure I’d be able to find a string of “blessed” humble brags. And I’m not particularly embarrassed (okay, maybe a little…) by that. But in my defense, while publishing most of those home-buying, relationship forming, job acquiring, weekend lounging, vacation traveling status updates, I did feel blessed. Fortunate. Grateful. Excited. I wanted to share my joy.

And yet, if I’m being completely honest, those posts weren’t always fully accurate. Sure, they expressed how stoked I was, but what they didn’t express was how fearful I was. How nervous I was. How uncertain I was. How intimidated, anxious, and doubtful I felt.

I told half the story. And obviously, I told the half I wanted people to hear. When the reality is, it’s very possible to feel #blessed and #stressed at the same time. And in almost all those big life changing moments, what I experienced was a perfect storm of emotions. A combination, equal parts exhilarating and scared shitless. Because, that’s life. And that’s okay.

It’s okay to admit that with cross country moves, starting families, changing careers, exploring new passions, putting a down payment on our first place, and forging new friendships, we’re feeling a lot of things. And they’re not all in the happy camp. Sometimes, they’re hard. Stressful. They make us wonder if “it’s” really worth it. It being the job, the relationship, the responsibility, the risk, and everything else that’s both thrilling and terrifying.

We’ve now lived long enough with social media to acknowledge that what we see on our screens is often only a highlight reel of our lives. And so, what I’m saying here isn’t new as much as it’s a reminder: Feeling anything other than deep enjoyment, appreciation, and pleasure doesn’t mean we’re doing life wrong. It doesn’t mean we’re ungrateful, missing out, less than, lacking, or lost. It just means that life can feel taxing, complex, and multidimensional at certain moments. And the last thing we need when we encounter tough times is a layer of guilt and shame frosted on top, or to feel bad that we don’t always feel good.

So, be excited and scared. Be faithful and worried. Be hopeful and disappointed. Be appreciative and overwhelmed. Acknowledge both sides of the human experience. Just be wherever you are today.

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2 thoughts on “Simultaneously #Blessed And #Stressed

  1. bone&silver says:

    Yes indeed: life is really too nuanced & complicated to simply be one state! Once you’re over 40 or 50 we realise there are way more shades of grey/silver/ than just black &’white dichotomies. Great post, thanks


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