10 Things No One Tells You About Your First Trimester


By Jillian Stacia

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Pregnancy is different for everyone, but all can agree that it’s an intense, life altering experience. Having just made it through the first trimester myself, the one thing I appreciated the most was honesty. And because we believe in keeping it real, here’s a no BS, tried and true list of what you can actually expect during your first few months of pregnancy:

You’re like a bear about to hibernate for winter: Fatigue is a real thing and it ain’t no joke. Naps on naps on naps on naps. Wake me up when the first trimester ends.


You don’t look pregnant, you just looked like you’ve packed on some pounds: Which is a tad unsettling, if we’re being honest. And it’s not just your stomach that’s expanding – your hips, thighs, face, and arms also decided to join the party!


Morning sickness is basically all day sickness: Can’t stop won’t stop the constant nausea. Saltines are your new best friend.


Not telling people is harder than it seems: Especially when people ask what you’ve been up to. “Oh, nothing really. just growing a tiny human!”


There are incredibly scary articles on Pinterest: Such as “How to Save Your Vagina” and “How to Not Poop During Delivery”.


Everyone gives you unwanted parenting advice: See also: everyone tells you horrible birth stories that give you nightmares.


Your clothes start feeling tighter WAY sooner than you would’ve thought: Is it too early to shop for maternity clothes? The answer is no. No, it’s not.


Picking out names is harder than you realize: Especially when your favorites are on the top 10 most popular list. Or your partner hates them. Or your mother.


It’s unnerving when people start to touch/stare/ogle at your body: You go from having spent your entire life diverting attention away from your midsection to suddenly having it be the star of the show.


It’s magical: Like, insanely magical. All the feelings all of the time rolled into one unbelievably magical and life changing experience. Okay, maybe they did tell you that one. But it’s worth repeating. Everything you go through? You already know in your heart that it’s worth it.


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4 thoughts on “10 Things No One Tells You About Your First Trimester

  1. abbeycoseattle says:

    Morning Sickness is THE WORST!!! I had it all day every day to the point where I went to my doctor and told her I thought something was seriously wrong with me and I needed help. When they told me it was normal and asked if I was snacking on crackers I almost died!!! I also remember feeling like my thighs just ballooned… my whole body just started puffing up. Ugh. And to think we are about to start trying for baby #2!


  2. Chi! says:

    Hahaha..okay, I think the post is really funny with all that whimsical looks all o’er the place. But pregnancy?..Ummmm..till I get there. Love your post!!


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