10 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up the Third Trimester

By De Elizabeth

Let’s be real: the first trimester of pregnancy is pretty terrible, but the second is like a little vacation. You feel energetic and hungry again, and basically like your normal self. But then comes the third trimester, which is a whole other beast entirely. In some ways, you find yourself nostalgic for the first few weeks; sure you were nauseous as hell, but at least you could move around, tie your shoes, and sleep through the night without getting up seven million times to pee. You know, the good ol’ days. With that in mind, here are some gifs that just perfectly describe the last stage of pregnancy.

1. When you feel bb hiccup:

It’s not a kick. It’s like a flutter…and the first time you feel it, it feels really weird. Like, REALLY weird.

2. When you try to shave your legs:

Or try to paint your toenails, put on strappy sandals, or anything that requires bending over, or, y’know, seeing past your bump.

3. When you just really, really, really want a glass of rosé:

So close, and yet, so far….

4. When you feel those third trimester aches and pains:

Literally why does my ribcage feel like it’s on fire?

5. When you start thinking about labor and delivery:

Are we sure that the baby can’t just, like, magically appear?

6. When you start having…bathroom trouble.

Let’s just leave it at that.

7. When you can’t roll over in bed without lifting yourself fully up and then back down and you just feel like a sea lion:

Or a rly fat cat.

8. When you can’t take a shower without getting lightheaded:

Seriously, why is this even a thing?

9. When you fall asleep on the couch every night before 9:

Officially the world’s worst partier.

10. And when you can’t wait to meet bb in just a couple more months:

I’m told that it’s all worth it. So here’s holding onto that, and hoping that the next two and a half months are as chill as possible.

Featured image via pixabay