3 Intentions I’m Setting This Summer

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By Kate Kole

My favorite way to complete a fitness class or yoga practice is by taking a quiet moment to create and commit to an intention, focus, or vision for the rest of the day. I often notice that I’ll choose the same word – gratitude, joy, or love – or the same string of words – to live a meaningful life – for weeks at a time. It’s almost as if each month serves as its own mini season in my life. Setting aside the time to be still, I typically discover precisely what it is that I need more of as I roll up my mat and reenter the world.

In some ways, I gravitate towards the idea of setting intentions even more than I do towards setting goals. I love the way they encourage dedication to a way of being, without a concrete start/stop date. They aren’t as much about succeeding, or failing, but rather, persisting. With tomorrow marking the official start to summer, I’ve decided to set my sights on these 3 intentions over the next few months:

Flow. Perhaps what I really mean here is presence. Or mindfulness. Or maybe a combination of the three. I hope to feel like I’m truly living in each day and engaging in each experience rather than robotically tallying off my tasks. The summer months especially always seem to fly by and I don’t want to look back wishing I’d spent more time soaking up early morning sunrises or sitting on the deck at night. I want to grab an impromptu ice cream cone after dinner and take an unplanned Saturday trip to the beach, just because it sounds good in that moment.

Connection. Winter tends to be my ‘grab a blanket, sip hot cocoa, and watch Hallmark movies’ season, while summer naturally lends itself to a little more socialization. I’m looking forward to spending time with the people I love, and doing more of the things that bring me joy and make me feel alive. I want to write more handwritten notes, call friends I haven’t caught up with in a while, listen to podcasts that inspire me, and spend time outdoors connecting with the world around me. I trust that Netflix will still be waiting for me when I’m ready to hop back to my beloved rom-coms.

Simplicity. Just serve me tomatoes and mashed potatoes. Give me the simple life. Oh wait, that line’s already taken. Well, in that case, I’m craving more homemade meals, long walks, journaling, and reading. Basically, I just want to take the free moments I get to slow down, settle in, and appreciate my own version of the finer things in life.

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