13 Bold Nail Art Designs That Are Perfect For Summer

By De Elizabeth

Summer is officially in full swing, and with it, all of the bright colors imaginable. Meaning? It’s definitely time to think about a neon manicure — one that’s just as bold as your favorite bikini or sundress. Even those who love black nail polish all year round can get behind a vivid rainbow of fingertips, especially if it means sunshine, the beach, and ice cream. Ahead, check out some ideas for your next summer mani — you’ll want to hit the salon in no time. 

1. Glitter isn’t just for the holidays.

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Our poppy Cosmic Energy strikes gold. ❤️✨❤️✨

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Get sparkly all year long by combining a metallic hue with a bold coat.

2. Put pineapples on your nails.

No, seriously — how cute are these little thumbs?!

3. Mix n match.

Pink and blue go great together.

4. Glow crazy.

Glow-in-the-dark nails…who would have thunk it?!

5. Accent it up.

Stay bright with a plain coat on all your fingers — except for your accent nail, that is.

6. Geometric for the win.

These nails are definitely worth a double-tap.

7. Pretend to be an IRL mermaid with these nails.

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Fairy mermaids 💎 @glamandglitsnails "Charmaine" with foil on top 😍 @lightelegancehq pastel pink gel paint from @artsdesirebeautypro the Canadian distributor 👌🏻 @glitter_heaven_australia "white magic" shimmer on shell nails ✨ Glam and Glits brand ambassador ✨ @glamandglitsnails ✨ looking for a distributor near you? I can help! Email me sarahp898@hotmail.com also visit www.glamandglits.com ✨ Did you know I also have a YouTube channel? Videos on shaping, tips and tricks, product reviews and more! Link in bio YT:SarahsNailSecrets ✨Facebook Sarah's nail secrets ✨want to be featured? Check out my inspo page: @sarahsnailshares ✨ Nail techs: join my interactive Facebook group and join other like minded nail techs! Share your struggles or chat about products search: Sarah's nail secrets YouTube group ✨ #mermaidvibes #mermaid #mermaidnails #glamandglits #gngcharmaine#nails2inspire #nailswag #nailsmagazine #shell#shellnail#gelpaint#acrylic#nailart

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Under the sea…all summer long!

8. Or if unicorns are more your thing…

Whatever your mythical creature of choice is, there’s a nail art option for you.

9. Show off your pride all summer long.

Rainbows for days!

10. Don’t forget your toes.

And put your accent nail on your big toe, of course.

11. Mellow out with yellow.

Although, if we’re being honest, this yellow is anything but mellow — and we like it that way.

12. Ombré isn’t just for hair.

Get your nails in on the trend too!

13. When in doubt, always add glitter.

It’s a good rule of thumb for just about anything.

In the comments, tell us your favorite nail polish color for summertime!

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