We’re All Just Learning As We Go

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By Kate Kole

I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training 3 years ago this month. And yet, it feels like the journey, inquiry, and knowledge I gained through that experience, and through my practice and teaching is still its infancy. Like I have so much left to unveil and discover, so many more books to read, and so much more anatomy and alignment to learn. What I once viewed as my ending point of having attained the certificate declaring my status as a registered instructor often feels like it was more of a launching pad.

The work is truly never done. In high school and college, that thought would have frustrated and intimidated me. I loved the idea of starting points and completion, and I relished crossing off the tasks I needed to accomplish in order to bridge the gap between the two. Yet now, my view has shifted. I’m excited by the thought that in many ways, I’m still a novice in my field. The prospect of the perspective and wisdom I have left to gain fuels my passion daily and contributes to my desire for growth.

Of course, the flip-side of feeling like I’m still a beginner and therefore, not yet an “expert” yoga teacher or “guru” in the wellness industry is that I’m often apprehensive to share what I have learned, experienced, and lived on and off my mat. I assume that there is always someone more qualified to speak to the benefits of developing a regular practice or cultivating a healthy and balanced mind, body, and spirit. I find myself waiting until I’ve crossed some illusionary finish line before offering the insight and tools I have gained along the way.

I suppose what I’m describing is my own personal experience of the common Imposter Syndrome many of us have felt at one point in time or another, in the various hats we wear. The idea that we haven’t quite made it yet, that we still have something to prove, or some level of success we must achieve before we can classify ourselves as legitimate professionals in our chosen roles and fields.

Sometimes adulthood starts to feel all too similar to playing a childhood game of dress up. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of feeling like we’re not ready and waiting until we believe that we’re fully worthy and complete before we create, express, and reveal our unique gifts with the world.

And yet, what my yoga practice has taught me, perhaps more than anything is an appreciation for practice over perfection, the journey over the destination, and living in and moving from the present.

To let go of the idea of attainment, end goals, and having made it, and to instead connect with the things that make me feel most alive.

To forget about labels of beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and to simply show up, as I am, and to share in my fullest expression from that place.

To rid myself of the need to do it right, and to simply move, breathe, and be.

To let go of the ego. To tap into the intuition.

We’re likely never going to feel like we’ve fully made it. There will always be some level of work to do, growth to experience, and wisdom to gain. That doesn’t make us imposters. It simply means we’re human, apprehensive and courageous, insecure and equipped, lost with where to step next and learning as we go.

So, we might as well stop waiting until we’re ready. This real, messy, present moment will always be the best place to start.

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  1. jakkybee says:

    This resonated so much with me, I often feel like I’m perpetually having to prove myself and I agree it’s really about true expression. Thank you so much for writing this!

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