5 Lady-Boss Inspirations to Take Away From “Girls Trip”

By Eliza David

Like most women in America, I looked forward to the premiere weekend of the comedy blockbuster, Girls Trip. This was not only a movie centering around black women with a message of friendship, but it was filled with all the naughty comedy a romance writer like me can appreciate. I went to see the film on its opening Friday night and walked away with a headache from laughing so much. Girls Trip boasts an ensemble of talented ladies, great writing, raucous humor, and beautiful men. It was beyond awesome, everything I wanted in a comedy – period. I hadn’t laughed that hard at a comedy since Amy Poehler/Tina Fey’s Sisters, but the fabulous foursome of Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Regina Hall, and Tiffany Haddish are on higher plane than any comedy ensemble I’ve seen in years.

But, beyond the laughs, your resident #GirlBoss Guru walked away with some reminders that soothed both my business mind and busy soul.

1. Don’t Rely on Your Mantra.

Regina Hall’s character, Ryan, is a girlboss to the max! She has a successful career and is on the precipice of releasing a book with her husband when she takes her crew on a girls trip to New Orleans.  When shit hits the hotel ceiling fan, however, the film shows Ryan repeating her personal mantra.  I think most of us have one, those words we say to ourselves to bring in the calm.  It can help and, as Ryan shows in the film, also hurt, shielding you from the truth of the matter. Sometimes, words are not enough and action needs to take hold. Keep that in mind the next time you face a personal or professional crisis.  Do the work to back up the words.

2. Thank God (or Prince, or your mom).

I’ll admit, I’m not the holiest person on Earth. However, I found beauty in Tiffany Haddish’s character, Dina, taking time to pray after the first day of vacation. Her friends joined her, thanking God for bringing them together.  We can get so caught up in getting on and ahead of our game.  Taking time to say thanks is good for the spirit. Not religious? Give a shout out to a parent, friend, or colleague who may have lent you a hand or were just…there. It goes a long way.

3. Be nice to your mommy friends.

Lisa, the reserved divorced mother character portrayed by Jada Pinkett-Smith, is the least excited about the trip in the beginning of the movie. If her reticent behavior made your eye roll muscles activate, don’t judge. Whether they are working in or out of the home (usually, it’s a bit of both for most of us!), your friends with anklebiters need the vacation more than they think. Help encourage them out of their shell — hopefully they’ll have as naughty a good time as Lisa did in the movie!

4. Appreciate your “supporting cast.”

What makes this film stand out is the constant focus on these four spectacular characters.  The women are the center of the movie, but their supporting cast bring their stories to life.  There’s Kofi Siriboe’s Malik, a young hunk who brings mommy Lisa out of her reserved shell.  The girls reunite with their former college buddy, the charming musician Julian (played by the ageless Larenz Tate – seriously, the man does NOT age!).  Even the musical guests featured throughout the girls’ visit to EssenceFest provided a vibe.  Think about your squad, your supporting cast.  How do you help each other? How have they added light in your world? Think and reflect.

5. Check in with your crew.

The legendary Queen Latifah portrays Sasha, a gossip blogger whose pageclicks & paychecks aren’t coming in as fast as she’d prefer. During the trip, it’s clear things in Sasha’s life aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, which leads to an emotional showdown with her friends. Don’t wait until it’s too late to reach out to your friends and colleagues when you are in need. That’s what they are there for — to help you when you can’t help yourself.  Likewise, if you detect a friend in need, reach out to them. Ryan’s mantras and self-positive talk led her to the real comfort she needed: her girls.

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