The Only Gin Cocktail Recipes You Need This Summer

By Lauren Giles

I’ve had a busy summer — as many of you can probably relate — and this year I discovered gin.  Wow, is that delicious little spirit undervalued! It takes flavor really well and lacks that distilled aftertaste that vodkas sometimes have. As perspiration leads to inspiration and being a person with a more savory palate, I’ve learned these two delicious summer cocktails that I’d love to share. Ready?

Lilac Spritzer (yes, like the flower!)

Step One: Measure 2 oz. of lilac gin in a jigger (or a shot glass is 1.75 oz) into your glass with ice.
Step Two: Add 6 oz. seltzer — or tonic if you prefer
Step Three: Add a splash of lemon juice to taste
Step Four: Stir it well so the flavors integrate. It looks pretty in a mason jar garnished with a mint sprig if you’re having company or just want to treat yo self!

Rosemary Gin Fizz


You can pre-prepare these by stripping the rosemary needles from 1 stalk into your glass with 1 tbsp of honey and refrigerating.  If you don’t pre-prepare them, you may want to muddle the rosemary a little so the flavor is released prior to adding the honey.


On top of this, add:
•2 oz. of your favorite gin,
•6 oz. selter or tonic
…and stir!


Life hack: I do these in a wide mouthed, round-bottom glass so it’s easier to muddle the rosemary.


The best part about these drinks (aside from them being super yummy and easy to prepare) are that they’re pretty and fragrant which make them perfect for hot nights as the summer winds down.  Plus, in my experience, both my guy friends and my lady friends tend to like them and a universal crowdpleaser is the best tool in any recipe arsenal!


In the comments, tell us: What is your favorite summer cocktail?


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