3 Experiences Every Extroverted Introvert Knows To Be True

Experiences Every Extroverted Introvert Knows To Be True

By Kate Kole

I love people. So much so that I chose to have 11 bridesmaids in my wedding party, teach group exercise classes for a living, and chat up the cashier at Trader Joe’s like we’ve been best friends for years. My husband thinks it’s weird. I prefer to think it’s charming.

I also love my couch, solitude, and silence. I love reading, writing, Netflixing, napping, and sometimes pretending I didn’t see an acquaintance at the grocery store on Saturday morning. Yup, I’m the girl ducking behind the Ritz crackers display to avoid making small talk about the cooler weather coming up in the 10-day forecast.

Basically, I’m an extroverted introvert. Which can feel a little hard and tricky to describe at times. Because I’m ready to partayyyy! Until, I’m not, at which point in time I need to leave within the next 5 minutes so I can get home, put on my pajamas, and watch an episode of Full House.

Thank God for gifs that help to clarify this otherwise confusing internal experience. Here’s what it’s like to be someone who wants to hang on Saturday night and also wants to eat lunch alone on Wednesday.

1A) You’re excited to arrive at a social gathering…


Going out is fun. It’s an excuse to put on pants with things like zippers and buttons, wear makeup other than lip balm, talk about reality TV, and eat 12 servings of guacamole in one sitting.

1B)…And heading home feels just as good


You know what else is fun? Curling up in bed. By the time 10 o’clock rolls around, HGTV reruns sound so much better than standing in a crowded space, sipping a third moscow mule that’ll inevitably lead to a ‘not in college anymore’ headache, and shouting above loud music to describe the new tile floors you just picked out for your bathroom.

2A) You have a little bit of FOMO


You laugh and roll your eyes at Regina George’s mom wanting to know the 411. But let’s face it, you kinda feel that way too. Like, what if the one night you choose to stay in ends up being the most.fun.ever and then you have to hear the stories and inside jokes about it for years to come?

2B)…And an equal dose of FOGO


Well, that’s a risk that you’re probably willing to take. Because better to have stayed home and blogged in your sweatpants than to never have stayed home at all.

3A) You love deep conversation


Few things leave you feeling more in tune with someone else than a long, deep, whole-hearted vent session. You bare your soul, they bare theirs, and everyone feels seen, heard, and understood. It’s a beautiful thing.

3B)…And you’re exhausted afterwards


As meaningful as those good talks can be, they can also suck all the energy right out of you. You find yourself silencing your phone and driving home without even the slightest noise of the radio in an attempt to recharge your batteries.

In a nutshell, you’re not either extroverted or introverted. You’re both. And a wise woman once said, you get the best of both worlds.

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  1. mybohem says:

    This sounds so familiar! I can definitely recognize myself in your examples 🙂 I love people, parties and deep conversations but on the other hand I need time for myself and get stressed if I don’t get to have that regularly…


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