This Moment Matters. Don’t Miss It.

This Moment Matters. Don't Miss It.

By Kate Kole

On my wedding day, I set the intention to savor all the moments throughout the celebration. I’d been warned by many wise married women before me just how quickly the whole shebang goes. I’d watched Father of the Bride approximately 48 times and witnessed with my own eyes what a blur it could be to race from getting ready to the ceremony and through the reception. I knew that I’d better take a full roll of mental snapshots so I didn’t look back feeling as though I’d missed it.

I wanted to remember the giddy champagne infused excitement of curling hair and putting on makeup with my bridesmaids, the look on my husband’s face as I walked down the aisle, the all-the-feels emotions I experienced as I danced with my dad, and the heartfelt humor expressed through dinner toasts.

I can recall mentally nudging myself throughout the day, as if to say, pay extra attention to this conversation, this hug, this feeling. You’re going to want to be able to look back on it for the rest of your life.

And because I took that extra care, I’ve got those sights and sounds securely stored within me. I consider them today with the same clarity and appreciation I felt experiencing them in real time.

I want that intention, that awareness, that mindfulness to be the norm.

I want to view and approach everyday moments with the same open eyes, ears, hands, and heart that I had on my wedding day. I want to remember a middle of the week phone call with my sister, night on the couch with my husband, and morning walk with my dog the same way I remember saying “I do.”

Because deep down, I know that just because those days don’t feel as remarkable, significant, or special as they’re happening, doesn’t mean they aren’t just as meaningful – that they don’t matter just as much – in the long haul. The truth is, the messy and mundane moments carry the same possibility for gratitude, connection, and awe as any other date I’ve circled and starred as special on the calendar.

All too often, I catch myself waiting to acknowledge, embrace, and celebrate life. I look ahead to accomplished goals, birthdays, announcements, weekends, and holidays, declaring them worthy of my full, enthusiastic, and undivided attention. And so, the in between moments slip through the cracks. They come and go with little recognition. Their brand of beauty is wasted.

Today, I’m nudging myself to notice them. I’m sitting on my front porch, the lawn mower running as my soundtrack, the sun shining on my shoulders, my dog napping beside me, writing to my heart’s content, and feeling grateful. Because these days go by quickly. And I don’t want to look back feeling like I missed them.

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