Donald Trump Is A Human Garbage Fire & You’re Worried About Hillary’s Book?


By Jillian Stacia

I’ve tried to play nice.

I’ve spent the past ten months coming at this with an open mind and a forgiving heart. I’ve prayed all the prayers and asked for surrender and guidance. I’ve tried to let it go and move forward as best I can.

But in this case, I just can’t. As in, I literally cannot handle people talking about how “selfish” and “horrible” and “divisive” Hillary Clinton’s new book is.

You know what is selfish and horrible and divisive? The president supporting Nazis in the United States. Getting in a pissing match with North Korea. Ending DACA. Denouncing global warming.

We literally have a mad man as president and you’re bitching about a book?

Why? Because you “already know what happened”? Yes, you’re the only one in the world who knows that Hillary lost the election. Thanks for pointing that out.

May I argue that perhaps, just perhaps, it’s a little more complicated than that? And I’d very much like to understand how the fuck we got into this predicament in the first place. Please, please, please SOMEONE explain to me why I have to address a racist Cheeto as Mr. President. Give me a book, the cliff notes, a documentary, ANYTHING. Just show me how this came to be, because I simply cannot seem to figure it out.

Hillary didn’t “just lose”. That’s too simple. There was a myriad of factors at play. Like Russia and Comey and decades of sexism and the fact that half of this country managed to overlook Trump’s sexist and racist rhetoric and elect him to the most powerful position in the world.

Y’all must really and truly hate her.

That’s all I can figure. Because even if I wasn’t a fan of Hillary, I’d literally vote for a steaming pile of dog shit than risk Donald Trump becoming president. And if said steaming pile of dog shit lost the election, I’d still be asking myself what happened. How did the steaming pile of dog shit lose? Did people not watch the video? The debates? The RNC? Because honestly: WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?

This, by the way, is sexism at its finest. Not letting a woman explain her side of the story. Not wanting to hear it. Calling it whining. Calling it divisive. Having the audacity to tell the most powerful woman of our time to shut up and go away.

On behalf of women everywhere: fuck that.

Like it or not, this woman has something worthy and important and valid to say, and she’s sure as hell earned the right to say it. If you don’t like it, fine – don’t buy the book. Focus your attention on the latest Trump tweet and get back to work.

And no, she’s not doing it for the money. She’s already got plenty, and she’s smart enough to know that even if she wanted to make bookoo bucks, she wouldn’t write a freaking book. Maybe, just maybe, she actually just wants to tell people about what actually happened so it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. I, for one, am with her on that.

And to all you Bernie Bros who claim she’s dividing the Democratic Party by calling Bernie out on his bullshit: it was bullshit. I’ve seen first graders be better sports than that. He could’ve done more. He should’ve done more. Even if he didn’t agree with everything Hillary stood for, he should’ve seen the bigger picture. Support Hillary or run the risk of a repulsive egomaniac serving as president. Again: steaming pile of dog shit.

Had Bernie and all you bros swallowed your pride and pressed pause on your revolution, we might not have a legit crazy man as president. Sure, Hillary might not have made college free or created a socialist healthcare plan, but she probably wouldn’t be defending the KKK on national television. Doubtful that she’d kick children out of their life long homes. Highly unlikely that she’d slash the budget for the EPA or defund Planned Parenthood.

Speaking of blame, her book isn’t about making excuses or pointing fingers. She repeatedly accepts responsibility for her own shortcomings throughout the book. She’s also said so publicly time and time again. In addition, she makes it clear that there were outside factors at play – which, of course, there were! This isn’t an excuse, it’s a fact. Ultimately, as the candidate, she is the one responsible for the failed campaign, but if you don’t think Bernie’s lackluster enthusiasm, Russia’s hacking, or the email saga from hell didn’t have an impact on this election, you’re naïve. And if you don’t think Trump’s campaign wasn’t fueled by stroking the fires of racism, sexism, and white privilege, you’re sorely mistaken. Hillary’s not the only one who lost to Trump – he beat 16 lovely republicans in the Primary. I’d love to know what happened there!

This shouldn’t be a divisive book or narrative. It shouldn’t enrage Democrats. But it does, because no one wants to accept any semblance of responsibility. And there’s plenty of blame to go around. We all could’ve done better. We all should’ve done better. All you third party voters should’ve gotten over your shit. Same with people who didn’t vote. Hillary fans could’ve been louder and more vocal. And Trump voters could’ve…I don’t know, realized this was the worst candidate in human history? Shame on us. Shame on all of us.

But if you really expect Hillary to climb into a hole and go away, then you don’t know Clinton very well. She epitomizes resilience. She doesn’t back down. She will not be crushed or silenced or bulldozed over. They’ve tried for years. She always comes back. Because that’s what women do – we rise. And if losing to a repulsive reality show host isn’t enough to bring her down, a bad book review won’t even make a dent.

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Featured image by Kayla Velasquez on Unsplash