10 Times Michelle Tanner Was All Of Us

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By Kate Kole

I have no shame in admitting my love for Full House. And I don’t just mean that I enjoyed watching it as a kid. I’m as happy to hang out with the Tanneritos today as I was 20 years ago. Like any true fan, I’ve also seen every episode of Fuller House and may or may not be cueing up Netflix for the Season 3 premiere tomorrow.

We’re now late enough into the game that I’ve come to accept that Michelle probably won’t be making any Fuller House appearances, yet her legacy surely lives on.

Allow these 10 gifs to remind us of the fact that Munchkin really is all of us:

When you make it to the gym for the first time in 3 months, walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes, attempt 2 pushups, and then pass the mirror on the way out showing it who’s boss.


When you get home from said workout and are like I gotta carb-load! And your S.O.’s like: Um, I think you’re supposed to carb-load before marathons, not after 10 minutes at the gym. But you’re not listening because you’re too busy being in your happy place, eating the full plate of pasta in front of you.


When you get stuck sitting next to the loudest person on a full flight. Every. Single. Time. Ma’am, I think it’s time to put your phone on airplane mode. Ma’am…Never mind.


When you attempt Whole30 for a whole day and then remember that dessert is a thing. A really good, unforgettable thing.


When you aren’t sure if you can rock that Old Navy clearance pleather jacket, but then you try it on and are like, Damnnn, it feels good to be a gangsta.


When you make plans to deep clean your place, head to Target to stock up on all the supplies, and even go as far as to make a cleaning playlist. After expending all that energy on the front end, you realize the sweeping might just have to wait. But you tried, and that’s gotta mean something.


When you decide to hit snooze twice before your early meeting, get stuck in traffic, have to park in the furthest away spot in the lot, and come sprinting into the building like there’s a cheetah chasing you.


When the lady monitoring the self-checkout aisle at the grocery store starts giving you commands on how to scan and bag your items. 10-4, captain.


When you try to make plans to get together with one friend, she’s busy, and you’re convinced that you’re destined to be friend-less for the rest of your existence. It wouldn’t even surprise you if your mom doesn’t want to hang out anymore.


When you’re singing Mariah Carey in the shower and nail the highest note. Like, how has The Voice not called for your audition tape yet?


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