6 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home This Fall

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By Brigitte Evans

You don’t have to be a fall person to love fall; there’s just something absolutely wonderful about its breeze on your skin, the gold, coral and red colors at every step, a cup of hot cocoa in bed in the morning and that beautiful feeling of being part of nature’s change. On top of that, every season offers an opportunity to let your creative juices flow and decorate your space so it fits the spirit of the present moment. Amazing, isn’t it?

With your next decorative adventure in mind, we’ve put together a few decorating ideas to help you do just that – decorate your space this fall and enjoy every second of it!

Decorate the entrance


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You know how they say first impressions matter most? Well, they’re onto something, for sure. When entering someone’s yard and getting closer to the doorstep, it’s nice to be greeted by a beautifully designed outdoor ambiance, a neat landscape and decorations that speak volumes of someone’s tastes. This is the perfect opportunity to show your neighbors and guests how much you love fall by lining your doorsteps with pumpkins in different sizes and colors, potted fall plants and even big outdoor candles in rainproof cases. These decorations will make for a spectacular first impression!

Replace the flowers with leaves


Go for a walk and pick out all the gorgeous, natural elements that catch your eye, anything from long leafy branches to short plants. When you get home, arrange your collected elements into a wonderful bouquet to place in jars, glass vases and glasses. You can either make several bouquets and place them around your home, or you can line your entry table with them. Whichever option you pick, it will definitely make for an eye-catching display.

Fashion a fall door greeter


Who said door greeters were only meant for Christmas time? Create a marigold wreath in just a few minutes to give your door a super welcoming vibe! Loop a vine and arrange everything so you fashion a circular shape. Use a floral wire to secure it. Slide marigold stems into the wreath, and voila!

Another idea for your door decoration is painted pinecone door hangers. They’re incredibly easy to make and will look dashing hanging from your entrance door. So, here’s how to make them: find some pinecones at your local park or some other natural place; bake them to dry them out and let them cool for a bit. Then, paint them sporadically, dip them in the paint or just paint the tips (any of the three options works well, but it depends on your tastes). Connect them with a ribbon and hang them on the front door. Adorable!

Fill the vases to the brim


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Treat your home to a few fall-inspired pieces to give it a real, warm, fall-ish look. Remember that even the simplest of objects can make a difference, especially when displayed in an eye-catching manner. A stunning effect of decorative pieces comes from a good idea and an amazing execution of that idea. So, apart from the bouquets mentioned above, use another decorative element like a tall cylindrical vase and fill it to the top with small white/orange pumpkins, pinecones, chestnuts or any other element evocative of the fall. This will make for a breathtaking fall decorative element!

Buy a fall-themed mat


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Yet another phenomenal decorative idea to give your entrance an interesting pop: a personalized door mat! Instead of opting for the typical “welcome” everyone has in front of their doors, choose a fall theme among a fabulous selection of outdoor mats you can find around, and you will surely stand out.

Dress up your furniture


Give your furniture a seasonal flair by dressing it up in fall colors. Drape your rocking chair with a warm orange throw, opt for a maroon tablecloth or let a maple leaf pillow sit comfortably at your sofa. Perk up a plain blanket by making a leaf pattern on it, and then throw it over the bed. Anything goes, really!

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