9 Tips to Get the Wedding Registry of Your Dreams

By De and Kate

Wedding planning is the ultimate all the feels experience. From the elation of the engagement to the stress of table seating, preparing for what you hope to be the perfect day can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are plenty of checklists, timing charts, and style guides in existence, offering guidance to all the couples typing: engaged, now what? – and   how to plan a wedding on Pinterest.

What’s less clear? How to build the ultimate wedding registry. Sure, your Aunt Karen may try to convince you that you need to buy a fine china set for 12, just in case you host Thanksgiving 2024, or the lady at the department store may swear by their line of cake decorating supplies, should you decide to become a professional baker in your free time. But let’s be real, some of the traditional registry items can seem a little stale.

On tap today, we’re doling out our best tips to create the wedding registry of your dreams. Because even the most intense post-wedding blues can’t survive your first bubble bath with those plush new monogrammed towels.

Do add items that reflect your lifestyle as a couple. If you love spending time outside, put a fire pit, lawn games, and patio furniture on your wish list. If you have smoothies together for breakfast every morning, ask for the blender you’ve been eyeing for years.

Don’t worry if it seems unconventional. It may feel funny, or even wrong, to initially add untraditional items to your gift registry. But at the end of the day, that’s what it is: yours. Incorporate the things you’ll actually use and love.

Do consider asking for cash. Registry hosting websites like Zola allow you to list items and a cash fund, that you can use towards a honeymoon, furniture purchases, or literally anything else you want.

Don’t worry about “breaking rules” or going against etiquette that’s outdated. Your grandma might tell you that asking for cash is tacky — but not in 2017.

Do think about traditions you want to start. Always hoped to have a weekly homemade pizza and ice cream night? Now’s the time to ask for the pizza stone and ice cream maker to turn that vision into reality. If you’d prefer to mix drinks in the comfort of your kitchen over hitting the bars, put some fun personalized cocktail glasses on your registry.

Don’t ask for dining ware you won’t use. Cheese boards are great…if you serve a lot of cheese. And pitchers are wonderful…if you plan to offer sweet tea alongside your cheese. But if you don’t have an interest in artisanal cheeses or prep drinks by the gallon, feel free to skip those items.

Do have fun with it. Browse through all the brands, trends, and collections. Play Joanna Gaines for the day and imagine decorating your space to your heart’s delight.

Don’t get carried away by it. Speaking from experience, remember that your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms only have so much counter and storage space. Those mini muffin trays may be cute, but not if they’re getting in the way of the baking sheet you use for dinner nightly.

Do ask for things that you won’t buy yourselves. After all, this is the time to go big or go home, right? Be honest about what you want, think about the life you’ll have, and remember — the sky’s the limit.

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