7 Silly Feuds That All 90s Girls Will Remember

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By De and Kate

We may be biased in believing that growing up in the 90s was the best. After all, every generation seems to have a little nostalgic pride when thinking about their own version of “the good old days”. That being said, we wouldn’t trade our pre-iPhone childhood for anything, and we’re still amused looking back on the things that occupied our time and energy growing up. If you were a fellow stirrup leggings and Starter jacket girl of the 90s, then chances are, you too had these laughable arguments with your best friend.

The ‘I’m Mary-Kate! No, I’m Mary-Kate!’ fight


Let’s be honest and just admit all the times we uttered, “but you got to be her last time!” This also extends to whichever one of you wanted to be Britney, Kristy from The Baby-Sitter’s Club, Kelly Kapowski, and Baby Spice. And, no, you do not get to be Baby Spice every time just because your hair is blonde. Learning to compromise started young.

The *NSYNC is so much better disagreement


Few things got us quite as riled up as a heated debate about boy bands. Tbh, we’re still not sure what was worse: our bff picking a different favorite group – or –  trying to tell us that she was going to marry Justin Timberlake. Um, in your dreams. That boy is mine.

The ranking of the beanie babies rift


We all had that one friend who tried to convince us how much more valuable her beanie babies were than ours. It was our first real world experience in keeping up with the Joneses.

The heart necklace heartbreak


No dramatic moment quite like the one when you discover that the “best” half to your “friends” half of a necklace is also the “best” half to three other friends. I’m sorry, did you miss the second-grade recess meeting when we decided that you could one have one best friend? Keeping this in mind for when we start our secret clubs next year.

The game of M*A*S*H* meltdown


Kudos to you if you didn’t actually believe that M*A*S*H* was a look into the crystal ball of your future. We had imaginative minds, what can we say? If we ended up living in a shack and working as a jailhouse cook more than once, you better believe we were going to blame our bestie for rigging the game.

The AIM Profile Debacle

Wait, did you take me out of your AIM profile? Are we not friends anymore? WTF?!

The DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA at sleepovers

Like clockwork, there was always that one friend who would cause ~drama~ at a sleepover, probably locking herself in the bathroom or doing something equally over-the-top. In retrospect, it’s hard to say what caused the outburst — but it was probably a game of Truth-or-Dare that got out of hand.

Tell Us: What do you remember about the ’90s?

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  1. justanotherday says:

    Weren’t those the simpler days when we argued over these things and had no cares in the world other than who got to be which Olsen twin. I miss the simplicity and innocence. Adulting gets to chaotic with all the world throws at us.


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