Stop Apologizing For Being Yourself

Stop Apologizing For Being Yourself

By Kate Kole

I’m a crier. I cry when I’m laughing, scared, frustrated and sad. I cry over good news, and bad news, and the news on TV. I even cry when I see the 2-minute preview for the upcoming episode of This Is Us. I used to habitually fight back my emotions and I think my body is still making up for lost time.

It’s often during Subaru commercials that move me to tears, or, when I’m reading an article aloud to my husband and start to feel the waterworks welling up, that I find myself apologizing. I excuse my emotions as hormonal, or due to the fact that I’m tired, or simply because I’m just too sensitive. I sheepishly acknowledge that something must be wrong with me, because I simply feel things too deeply. Continue reading