Real Talk: How Becoming A Mom Is The Ultimate Life Changing Experience


By Chelsea O’Neal

Life changes. Life changes are those that come swooping in, turning your life upside down, right side up, and every which way.  They change your routines causing you to create almost a new way of living or being. Sure, situations like moving, starting a new job or even going through a divorce are all life changing events but let’s face it. Is there anything more life changing than having a baby? Think about it.

First, you start off with pregnancy. You try and try and finally get a positive result and jump around for joy, crying your eyes out with happiness. Then you go through the phase of actually being pregnant. Not only are you pregnant for what seems like an eternity, you get to deal with all its glory. (And we all know it’s not a glamorous thing to go through). Welcome to the days of an aching back, sore boobs, constant exhaustion, pregnancy brain (yes it’s real), and the question of if you’ll ever be able to function again without peeing on yourself a little when you cough or sneeze.

From this point on, you know things will never be the same and no amount of prepping can ever “truly” prepare you for what’s to come (unless maybe this isn’t your first kid and you’ve got this under wraps – then kudos to you mama!). Even if you’re a lucky one with an easy pregnancy and get to skip a lot of the chaos it brings, one day you’ll pop and there will be a tiny, little crying alien that comes out of you and suddenly you’re expected to be a pro at all things mom. Breastfeeding, diaper changes, burping…the list goes on. Then they send you home while you’re literally scared out your mind thinking “should I even be allowed to care for this perfect creature?”

Let’s fast forward a few weeks to thinking you’re getting the hang of things when this precious child of yours hits you with an explosive poop that goes all the way up their back while you’re eating at a restaurant…yea. This actually happens. And what about spending your days now covered in spit up, smelling like milk? Because that’s a real thing too. Gone are the days your boobs don’t leak through your clothes and nights when you actually slept. Gone is your sanity from being so tired that you don’t know how you’re managing to even function one more second. Go ahead and say good bye to normalcy and things like shaving and looking like a put together human being. Embrace your new found zombie life.  Add in those crazy mom hormones, mini meltdowns, and extra anxiety at having to send them to the scariest place on earth (in our minds): daycare and you’ve got yourself one heck of a concoction.

But…when all is said and done, at the end of the day, when you’re holding your baby and they’re smiling up at you or laying there trying to “talk”, the world and all its crazy seems to fade away as you’re filled with such an endless, overwhelming love that comes bursting forth. You realize they have become your everything in what is now a selfless world of living. You live to make them happy and essentially become a superhero in your own way. And deep down, you know, even though one day they’ll grow older and annoy you endlessly causing you to secretly want to throat punch them (don’t deny it), they are forever yours and you wouldn’t change a thing.

That, my friend, is the whirlwind of your new, life changing mom life…and it only gets better.

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Featured image by The Honest Company on Unsplash