A Crash Course in Buying The Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Partner

A Crash Course in Buying The Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Partner.jpg

By Brigitte Evans

The holidays are approaching and if you still haven’t planned out what to buy for your significant other, you may be starting to panic. Last-minute purchases can lead to some unfortunate choices, such as hair trimmers, ugly jewelry, self-help books, cellulite cream or unattractive sweaters. Unless your partner has been practicing the fake thank you smile and preparing for disappointment all year long, you will definitely see the look of horror if you surprise him or her with a poorly chosen gift. After all, you are in a relationship and you should know better. But don’t worry, here’s a crash course for buying the best gift ever.

For the artistic type

If your gentleman or lady loves art and has some artistic hobby, buying gifts might be a lot easier than you think. Purchasing a DSLR camera could be too expensive, but if they already have one of those, you can buy a piece of equipment for it, such as a good lens or an external flash unit. Painting supplies, musical instruments or arts & crafts supplies can be most welcome. For people who appreciate art, you can also buy some modern interpretation of famous artworks and artists, such as a Salvador Dali wristwatch or a Mona Lisa phone case.

For the movie-goer

You must know your partner’s favorite movie or genre, and this can be very helpful in choosing the right gift. A book about how the movie was made or a prop from the movie will definitely knock your S.O.’s socks off. If there isn’t a specific movie that pops into your mind, but you know that he or she appreciates cinematography, consider festival tickets, a book on which some movie is based, an iconic movie poster, or a Netflix subscription.

For the fitness enthusiast

These gifts can be tricky. While some, like noise canceling blue tooth ear buds and quality water bottles, work for everyone, others, like boxing gloves and gym subscriptions, aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If your partner prefers a combination of fitness and dance, consider a coupon for one month of Zumba. If your S.O. is a gym goer, a check for a personal trainer should do the trick. If he or she is a runner, well then, running shoes are a great idea. If your partner recently gave birth and wants to get back out there and rejoin the active life, she would appreciate nursing activewear which offers great support and is functional.

For the fashionista

There are plenty of gifts for all the people out there who love dressing well and looking good, you just need to search for them. If your fashion trends game isn’t on the same level as your partner’s, it is best to opt for a classic that is always en vogue. A classic little black dress for the lady, why not? A fancy tweed blazer for the gentleman? Perfect. You can always go with accessories like a wristwatch, a belt, a purse, or earrings.

For the adventurer

Sitting at home wrapped in a cozy blanket may not be your sweetheart’s thing. Perhaps he or she is more of a skydiving type. So, why not give your significant other the adventure of a lifetime? It can come in the form of ziplining, rafting, bungee jumping, race car driving or any other thing that might be on his or her bucket list. Adventure-related equipment and accessories are also in play, so consider backpacks for long travels, camping gear, insulated sweaters, hiking boots and sleeping bags.

For the sentimental type

Finally, every one of us is a bit emotional, especially when it comes to the people we choose to spend our life with, so think of this as a chance to give your loved one a truly romantic gift. This can range from a weekend getaway to a handmade personalized scrapbook with your memories. It can also be something only the two of you find romantic because of some event in your history.

Hopefully this guide will help you buy that perfect gift that will drag the real honest “thank you” out on the surface, and who knows, maybe there will even be some tears of joy involved too.

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Featured image by Mira on Unsplash