10 Cozy Sweatshirts We Are Here For This Winter

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By De and Kate

We’ll admit, there’s something appropriately festive about the colder weather that accompanies the holidays. It makes us all sorts of giddy to whip up homemade hot chocolate – one mug of milk, three tbsp. sugar, one tbsp. cocoa powder, a splash of vanilla, whipped cream on top please & thank you – and curl up on the couch to watch Lacey Chabert’s latest Hallmark movie with twinkling lights gleaming on our tree.

That being said, the frigid temps can also evoke a feeling of wanting to scream expletives while walking outside each morning. In order to tend towards the cozy and handle mother nature like a boss, we’ve scouted out 10 of the best graphic sweatshirts to stay warm this winter.

Weekends, Brunch, Naps

Weekends Brunch Naps.jpg

At Etsy for $38

Good Vibes

Good Vibes.jpg

At Nordstrom for $58

Love Wins

Love Wins

At Old Navy for $32.99



On sale at Aerie for $29.97

Let’s Get Lost

Let's Get Lost

On sale at Von Maur for $61

Allergic to Mornings

At Target for $17.99

Stranger Things

At Target for $19.99

It’s Britney

At Urban Outfitters for $54

Sick Sad World

At Etsy for $22.36+

All the Feels / Care Bears

 At Forever21 for $19.90

 Tell Us: What’s your favorite sweatshirt to live in during the winter?

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