15 Instagram Posts That Actually Made Us Lol


By De and Kate

Instagram is arguably the best/worst time sucking app to ever exist. One minute, you’re looking at a pic of your bff, Jill’s daily gingerbread latte addiction, and then *suddenly* (38 minutes later) you’ve managed to scroll through the accounts of every contestant from season 17 of The Bachelor. While we’re in no way claiming for it to be the most productive way to pass time, it is entertaining and the right account can provide just the comedic therapy we all need a little more of in 2017.

With that, we bring you 15 posts that made us laugh loud enough for the person in front of us at the self-checkout aisle to look back with bewilderment:



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Moms, they’re nothing like us

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accurate (@text_quest // twitter)

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So. Much. Screaming.

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Tell Us: What’s your favorite Instagram account for all the lol’s?

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