What to Give Your Most Organized Friends For the Holidays

By Isabel F. William

If you enjoy giving presents as much as receiving them, you know how important and rewarding it is to find just the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Surprising them with presents that they really need and want, even when they themselves don’t know it, and putting smiles on their faces is the best part of giving presents. And if your friends are super organized, there’s plenty of great ideas that will make their lives a little less chaotic. Ahead, check out our gift guide for the most meticulously organized person in your life.

A wooden cutting board

While some people don’t mind if their food arrangements aren’t perfect, others want to get everything done right. You know this type of people; they’re just like Monica from Friends – they have a knack for cooking and are kiiiiind of anal about it. If you already have a friend in mind, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s just the perfect present. A wooden chopping board will be their dream come true. Not only will their specialties be delicious, but they will also be sliced and chopped down to perfection. A treat both for the stomach and the eye!

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A Computer Monitor Stand

For an extremely organized person, there’s nothing more annoying than a cluttered desk and a keyboard taking up almost all of the space. Luckily, there’s a simple solution that will delight your friend – a spacebar monitor stand. The moment they place their monitor on the stand and their keyboard under it, they’ll feel as if their desk instantly became bigger. It’s like magic!

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A home for all their beauty products

You probably have a friend who has all the makeup products that exist and a limited space to store them. You’ll solve their problem in a heartbeat by giving them a makeup carousel for the holidays. With plenty of compartments for lipsticks, makeup brushes, eye shadows, creams, nail polish and dozens of other products you haven’t even heard of, your stylish friend will have everything they need in one place.

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A cleaning brush for their electronics

If you’ve seen your friend trying to clean those barely visible crumbs between their keyboard keys on several occasions, why not make their life easier by getting them an electronics cleaning brush? Not only will their keyboard be clean, but it will be spotlessly clean! And considering how much dirt is hiding in a keyboard, you might consider getting one for yourself, too.

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A drawer organizer

A drawer organizer is yet another simple item that can make your friend’s life a little bit easier. We all know how cluttered drawers can get, which certainly isn’t desirable in a home of a put-together person. You can even choose from different designs and styles. From wooden compartments to one-piece plastic dividers, you’ll definitely be able to find one that your friend will love.

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A label maker

A label maker is a holy grail for the obsessively organized and no person should live without it. Instead of the frustrating process of peeking into every box searching for a single item they need, your friends can just read the label. However, if you want to get your friend a label maker, you have to get the ultimate one, like the amazing Dymo LabelWriter 450 turbo that can transform your friend’s home into an organized haven. They’ll be able to print labels quickly and efficiently, without having to deal with cluttered boxes, shelves and files ever again.

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An Earbud Holder

Taking your earbuds out only to find them so tangled that it takes you an eternity to untangle them is a nightmare for any organized music lover. And once you finish listening to music, you organize them neatly and put them in your pocket and before you know it, you’re reliving the nightmare all over again. If your super-organized friend is going through this torture every day, free them of their misery by giving them an earbud holder that will prevent their earbuds from becoming tangled again.

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With these simple yet super-functional gifts, you’ll make your friends’ lives much more organized and stress-free.

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