8 Thoughtful Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Your Mom


By Brigitte Evans

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you like the process of gift giving and making someone feel special and happy, this is your time of the year. Even though it might be somewhat easy to pick a Christmas gift for your special someone since you already know the things they like, buying a present for your family members can be a bit tricky.

One of the most important people in our lives is definitely our mom, and choosing the right gift for her could be a bit troublesome, as we don’t want to get her something she won’t absolutely love. Take a look at these 8 types of moms and choose a present accordingly. She will be more than grateful.

For moms who are stylish

If your mom loves style and regards herself as a stylish person, then you know what category you should be browsing through. The best gift option for a stylish mom could be a watch. There are many great watches that are quite affordable. You don’t have to break the bank on a very expensive one, you just need to make her collection of stylish accessories a bit bigger. Moreover, if she’s not into watches or you think she has plenty of them, a bag or a weekend bag could be a great second choice.

For moms who are a bit retro

Does your mom like the culture of the ‘70s or ‘80s or spend a lot of time telling you how “Stranger Things” made her remember her childhood? Getting your mom a vinyl of her favorite artist is both very thoughtful and affordable, as there are second-hand vinyl records that are in great condition. Moreover, you could make this present even better by adding a nice Polaroid camera to it. Do a bit of a research and find a nice, new Polaroid camera so that your mom can make new memories in the retro style.

For moms who are fashionable

If fashion is something your mom is into, then your present should be fashion-related! Peek into her closet and try to identify her favorite piece of clothing. The best gift for a fashionable mom could be nice, fashionable pants that she can wear for both formal and informal events. Furthermore, you can add a nice, white, minimalist shirt as these are worn at all times. Make sure to check her size, though – you don’t want to get something that is too small or too big for her.

For moms who like to party

This could be a tricky category as you cannot buy an entire party for her! But you can make her house parties a bit more interesting by getting her a Bluetooth speaker. These are of great quality and look very, very nice, so she will most definitely like them. Enable her to listen to her favorite tunes extremely loud. If she likes dancing and singing, she will definitely like this one – it’s also very unique so you know she won’t be getting the same thing for Christmas from somebody else.

For moms who like nice things

If your mom likes nice things such as ballet, opera or books, you could get her something of that sort. You can make a gift box containing a bottle of great Australian wine and a box of Swiss chocolates. These two can make any person extremely happy, and your mom will be no exception. Make sure you know what kind of wine she prefers – white, rosé, or red. Next, try to see if there is a play nearby or an opera performance that she would enjoy, buy the tickets and add them to your gift box as well. If there’s no such thing at the moment, get her a book you think she would appreciate.

For moms who are sporty

If your mom loves sports and works out regularly, a piece of workout equipment will be a great present for her. For example, you could get her a pair of excellent athleisure sneakers she can use for both working out or going out. If not shoes, you could choose running tights or something of that sort. She will be happy with the present, and will definitely use it regularly.

For moms who are beauty junkies

This kind of a present could be quite tricky. If your mom loves makeup and is a makeup connoisseur, getting her a high-quality makeup set can sometimes cost more than you thought, and buying something cheaper and of lower quality is not an option. If this is the case, you can always get her a skincare box set – just make sure to know what her favorite brand is. Whichever the brand, you can find something in your price range.

For moms who like to cook

There’s no better present for people who like to cook than a great cookbook. First of all, check your mom’s cookbook library and write down all the books she already owns. Then hit the best-equipped bookstore in your city and find something she doesn’t have – perhaps an international cuisine cookbook.

After all, your mom will be satisfied with any Christmas present she gets from you, but you should definitely aim for something she will actually like. Combine any present from the list above with a hug, a kiss and an “I love you”, and she will be overwhelmed with joy.

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Featured image by Ben White on Unsplash