My Job Isn’t My Passion, And I’m Okay With That

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By Becky Houdesheldt

If someone had asked me 15 years ago where I thought my professional life would be at 32, I would not have said: 10 years into a company that my dad worked for my whole life. Yet, here I am. Well, I’ll have 10 years in April, as long as I remain employed.

I work in a field that touches on merchant processing. Yawn, right? Except if you think about it, every day millions of people interact with some of the products and applications we host, own or use. I had no concept of what merchant processing was, or just how big the company was that I was getting into, when I took this job at 22. I can type quite fast, which was really the key selling point to the guy who hired me. I have held four positions at this company and each one has been a slight variation of the last. My current job has a lot of depth to it that I have not had to acquire in my previous jobs, which allows for a more focused goal path.

Merchant processing is not my passion. Privacy and security are not my passions. Incident management is not my passion. I am fairly capable at performing my daily duties, but have room to learn as we all do. But, I don’t wake up in the morning on fire for compliance. I wish I could say I did.

Sometimes I’ll spend a break just staring out the window, wondering what I want to be when I grow up. But the thing is, there’s nothing wrong with staying where I am, even though it isn’t something I’m incredibly passionate about.

I have never had career goals. Maybe that is a downfall of mine, I don’t know. Some could see it that way, especially in corporate America. Some could say that I’m working for “the man” and that’s okay too. The Man has taken good care of me over the past 9 and 3/4 years, and I’m grateful for it.

My job has always been something that I do so that I can do the things I love when I’m not at work. It helps when I have great people to work with, or when I sit in a row with windows, or when my schedule allows me to work from home or leave early for an appointment. I’m happy to get in to work so my coworker and I can walk down to the cafeteria and get coffee and chit chat.

I don’t live for my job, and that’s okay.

There are times when I look at people who get to do something they absolutely love every day and get paid to do it, and I feel a little pang of jealousy. Like the teacher who would rather do nothing else in her life than teach young minds. Or people who love to pore through data and get to do that day in and day out and absolutely enjoy every second of it. Mostly though, I’m not bothered by not being on fire for my career. It doesn’t mean that I care less, or that I don’t work as hard, or that I’m not as invested as those who may be more passionate than I am. I still strive to be an employee with integrity and good work ethic and a team player, no matter the position.

My passions are my passions because they fill my soul with purpose. They light my world ablaze and remind me how beautiful life can be. For me, it would be overwhelming to immerse myself in that at work, and then in my off time. I fear it would take away the beauty of the thing.

So, if you find yourself in a place where what you’re doing every day doesn’t exactly ring your bell, that’s okay. I try to focus on the gratitude I have for everything else in my life, and it helps me have a positive attitude about work as well. Immerse yourself in the passions you have when you aren’t at work, and utilize work as a way to fuel your passions.

I went on a trip to Ireland, by myself, at 30. It was indescribably beautiful. It filled my cup with so many wonderful things. Life-changing. And it wouldn’t have been possible without my job. So I try to remember that when my days seem to drag on, or issues with work never end.

It is a gift to be in a place where my work allows me to indulge in the things that make my heart sing.

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4 thoughts on “My Job Isn’t My Passion, And I’m Okay With That

  1. Robert Varga says:

    I have been there for years with such a feeling in my chest, did something I kind of liked but was far cry from passion. Nowadays I do what I care for fully, after a series of ballsy switches and changes in Life. And it payed off.


  2. SewGeekMama says:

    My work used to be my passion – I owned a costume boutique and made custom costumes. I love it. Lived it 24-7. Then I had a baby and discovered a new passion. After 11 years I closed my business and couldn’t be happier about it. Now I do costume stuff on the side, when I can and am really enjoying just doing it for the fun of it! I used to actually get a little jealous of friends who could leave work on Friday and not worry about it until Monday. Owning a biz like that is a 24-7 job. I needed a break! Sometimes it’s good to just keep your passions fun and not turn them into work 🙂

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