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By De and Kate

It’s been a while (which we apparently can’t say without having Staind, circa 2009 lyrics play in our head) since we last shared a post of the things we’re loving lately. Join us as we jump into a list of what’s making our lives a little sweeter these days.

Trader Joe’s Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie

You know when you’re at a restaurant and the waiter comes over to ask if anyone saved room for dessert, and in perfect harmony, everyone else at the table places a hand on their stomach and says something like, “Oh God, no, we couldn’t.” Meanwhile, you’ve been daydreaming about the exact chocolate dish you’d order since the moment you sat down. Well, the dessert gods have answered our prayers, and this little slice of heaven has us covered for only $3.99.

Moms Keeping It Real

Moms Keeping It Real.jpg

Whether we’re listening to the new podcast, Babes & Babies (thank you yet again, Bachelor franchise, for another form of entertainment), watching Momsplaining with Kristen Bell (please be our BFF), or reading stories from The Magic of Motherhood, it’s comforting to see other women honestly share their pre, during, and post pregnancy experiences.

Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups

Spinach Lasanga Roll Ups.jpg

Once we find a dish that we love, it typically works its way into our regular dinner rotation. These spinach lasagna roll ups have definitely secured a spot in our monthly lineup.

Of Mess And Moxie

Of Mess And Moxie.png

Reading anything by Jen Hatmaker is like having a conversation with one of our best girlfriends. She’s authentic and encouraging, and her writing is equal parts hysterical and heartwarming. If you’re in the mood to laugh, and cry, and then, laugh until you cry, do yourself a favor and add this book to your Amazon cart.

Dry Oil Spray

It’s not dry shampoo…it’s dry oil. This type of product can extend a blowout, add shine, or just refresh your hair. And with zero time to do our hair lately, it’s a godsend. (Pictured above: Verb Ghost Dry Oil, $16, Sephora.)

Grocery Delivery

PeaPod….InstaCart….you name it, we’re into it. There’s something so satisfying about checking “grocery shop” off of our to-do lists without ever leaving the couch (or taking off our PJs). Yes, there’s a delivery fee (or you can do in-store pickup, depending upon your location), but time is money after all.

The Winter Olympics

The Olympic games are always pretty amazing, but the Winter Olympics has that extra edge of like…athletes performing life-threatening stunts, dancing on ice, and being all-around magical in the snow. It’s pretty much on nonstop in both of our houses. (Not to mention The Bachelor: Winter Games as well.)

Tell Us: What are you currently loving this winter?

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