7 Things I’ve Learned About Life And Motherhood Lately

7 Things I_ve Learned About Life And Motherhood Lately

By Chelsea O’Neal

In a world where society seems to tell us that we have to be perfect and to do everything with perfection, it’s a breath of fresh air to step back and realize a few things, not only about life, but about ourselves and those around us. That refreshing feeling of coming to place of really appreciating all that there is and accepting ourselves just the way we are.

Here are 7 things that have been enlightening in my daily routines:

Being a stay at home mom is tough. I thought the long days of not sleeping at night, being up with my daughter, and then going to work all day were tiring, but being a stay at home mom has certainly had its challenges. Between feedings and running around, stopping her from getting into everything, and still managing to function in every other way, us moms certainly don’t get enough credit. We truly are superheroes (and really, that is empowering)!

It’s ok to be lazy some days. There seems to be a stigmatism when it comes to just sitting around the house and well, not really doing much of anything. Sometimes, that’s ok. That’s exactly what we need in life at certain moments. So, the dishes aren’t done today. Ok! So, you push laundry to tomorrow. Guess what?! The world is going to keep spinning.

There’s a daily appreciation to be had. With all the comings and goings of the days and work and sleep and eat and repeat, we tend to forget to appreciate the small things in life. Like watching our babies grow and develop their own little personalities. Like enjoying a nice sunny day with a gentle breeze rolling through. Those moments.

It’s important to create a life you’re passionate about. Who really enjoys going to their job day in and day out? Sure, some people might. But for many of us, the dream is simply to be self-sufficient and to create a flexible schedule, bringing in an income where we can enjoy life.

Life is about the candid moments – the real moments. The moments that count. The moments that just happen and you embrace and enjoy them. From watching my daughter run around in her walker and bump into everything, to laughing at my dogs rolling around in the grass and shaking it off in the house. It is all just such a wonderful experience that we too often miss, being consumed by unimportant matters.

It’s worth it to go on adventures. Part of those candid moments come from our adventures. There is a whole world out there. We must branch out and breathe in the air of new places and new experiences. Go on a hike. Go to the park. Visit a different country. Do it all.

Live with self-love. Self-love in a world that teaches us we aren’t good enough the way we are. Self-love to accept ourselves and be happy and to focus on so many other things in life that deserve our attention. To live the way we want without the stress of worrying what everyone else thinks. The confidence to be who we are. This is the goal.

Reader Question: What are some of the things you’ve learned lately?

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9 thoughts on “7 Things I’ve Learned About Life And Motherhood Lately

  1. Katie - Hot & Sour Blog says:

    Motherhood is such a blessing, but also so tough! And it’s okay (and should be encouraged) to admit that. I admire full time moms so much. Even being one for just 3 months was enough to make me go stir crazy. But I’m able to appreciate the time that I do have with my baby now even more, now that I’m back to my full time job. The days go slow, but the years go fast.

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    • aworldadventure says:

      I’ve been home with her for a month and I love every second! I think part of what made it hard working full time were long commutes so I got to see her maybe 2 hours in the evening. So like you said, it makes you appreciate every single second. I am currently dreading having to go back full time anywhere.


  2. JennyLynn17 says:

    I’ve learned that being a stay at home mom is HARD. I’d love to have a career and progress in that way, but I chose this route because that’s what my family needed. I respect working moms and think each woman has to make her own choice. No one should put down either side. People think stay at home moms watch tv and play all day. Maybe some do, but that’s not how I roll. I’m on my feet crazy busy from sun up to sundown, but I love what I do.

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      • JennyLynn17 says:

        lol I’ve found a LOT of people think you just sit around and watch TV all day. Maybe some moms do, but not this one. Most of us work really hard. Luckily, my husband is pretty good about that. I was sick for a little while and he had to take on my work plus his and it was an eye opener for sure.

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  3. momofwarhearmyroar says:

    Love your point about enjoying the candid moments! For me, I’m learning that I can’t be perfect all of the time. Trying to keep everything perfect adds unnecessary stress and effects my attitude at home, which makes it totally not worth it. Although the OCD in me makes this difficult to accept, I am working on it!


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