She Let In

She Let In.

By Kate Kole

Inspiration: She Let Go by Safire Rose

She let in.

She let in a quiet acceptance for the body she had always harshly critiqued.

She let in emotion. Joy for the ordinary. Grief for her loss. Excitement for her accomplishments. Disappointment for the unattained things in which she had hoped.

She let in her feelings without the need to analyze, judge, deny, or defend them.

She let in appreciation for her past, contentment for her present, and faith for her future.

She let in the vulnerability to be seen and the strength to know her value.

She let in self-love. The kind that isn’t waiting for a number on the scale, a figure on a paycheck, hearts on a post, or an ‘atta girl’ from another.

She let in confidence that was bigger than her questioning.

She let in forgiveness. For her own shortcomings and for the times that others were human, too.

She let in her life. Both messy and beautiful. Complicated and simple. Uncertain and steady.

She let in the belief in something greater than herself. A plan better than any she could imagine. A purpose bigger than the one she could foresee.

She let in connection. Honest. Unfiltered. Real.

She let in the knowing that she is enough. Because of who she is. In spite of who she is. Worthy either way.

When she doubted herself, when she had hard days, when her thoughts became toxic, circumstances tough, and life overwhelming, she let in choice.

She chose to keep going. And letting in along the way.

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