The Only Playlist You Need to Get You Through This Foggy April

By Kaitlin Harris

Spring is here — and it is here with purpose! Forget New Year’s resolutions, now is the real time for renewal and taking chances. Whether it’s trying out that new coffee place down the street or actively volunteering in your community, this month is your month to embrace the warm(er) weather, and checking “need to do’s” and “want to do’s” off your list.

This month’s playlist theme, “Tides of Change”, features fifteen songs including ones that are all about adapting to your surroundings (the lyrics in “Super Natural” by Turnover perfectly capture this), modifying your mindset (Wiz Khalifa’s “Plane 4 U” tells why we should legalize marijuana), adjusting from being in a relationship to the single life (Hero- Family Of The Year sings “Let me go…I don’t wanna be your hero”) and more.

Although sometimes changes can be difficult (even if the change is relatively good), they are what we learn and grow from. Welcome this new season the best you can and take it day by day — after all, you only live once. Check out the playlist below, and tell us which is your favorite song in the comments!

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Featured image by The Creative Exchange via Unsplash