13 Hilariously Accurate Memes About Motherhood

By De and Kate

Is that chocolate or poop?” followed by a quick lick to check and confirm might just be the most relatable mom movie scene ever. At the time Baby Mama first premiered, we were all, “Ew! How could she?” Fast forward 10+ years and a couple babies, and we’re like, “Been there, done that.”

Thanks to the modern-day invention of memes and social media, we can now see hilariously accurate depictions of motherhood on the daily. And as silly and simple as they may seem, they really do help us feel better understood and less alone on this journey.

With that, we bring you the # most quintessential mom memes out there on the World Wide Web. If you pee your pants laughing, blame your baby for your leaky bladder, not us.

When it’s your first night out of the house since having your baby, none of your clothes fit, and you don’t know or care what’s in style:

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Yeah, but a VSCO mom. (via @myquestionablelif)

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When you made breakfast, changed the kids, vacuumed, and read 12 books while your husband went to the bathroom:

When the other mom at the park tells you how old her kid is:

When it’s Monday morning and you didn’t feel bad about what you were wearing until you saw the rest of the neighborhood:

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When you just can’t do ‘Wheels on the Bus’ one more time:

When shopping for a new washing machine is the highlight of your weekend:

When you really love your kid, but you also really love your clean kitchen…and cookies without eggshells in them: 

When you’re not yet willing to give up your minimalist ways, and happy meal toy #347 just needed to go:

The truth about those baby shower blankets!

The joys of pregnancy!

Let’s be real about those cute Instagram lunches, shall we?

When even making a schedule is exhausting.

And the very definition of motherhood as we know it:

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