8 Fun Ways To Celebrate The Holidays As A Family

By De and Kate

Whether you started decking your halls as the clock struck midnight on November 1st or you’re waiting until after Thanksgiving to put up your tree, the holiday season is officially upon us! Starbucks’ red cups have arrived, the Hallmark channel has begun its annual ‘Countdown to Christmas’ and we have visions of sugar plums, ahem, cookies dancing in our heads. 

That being said, between all the festive get-togethers, shopping, wrapping, cooking, and decor, November and December have a tendency to fly by and we’re fumbling through “Auld Lang Syne” before we know it. Today, we’re rounding up 8 family-friendly ways to ring in the holidays and make the most of the season! 

Start a new tradition

Order pizza on Thanksgiving Eve or make granola for your neighbors. Head to the tree farm on the first Friday of December or enjoy cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. Find meaningful ways to ring in the holidays that everyone can look forward to each year.

Have a movie night

Watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas or maybe go old school with a little To Grandmother’s House We Go. Cue the nostalgia and choose favorites from your childhood while mixing in some contemporary favorites. 

Give back

Ring the bell for the Salvation Army or pick an angel from an angel tree and go shopping. Let your kids see how awesome it feels to do something kind for someone else. 

Pump the jams

Go for a drive and check out the best holiday lights in your area while listening to Christmas music. Top the evening off with homemade hot cocoa at home.

Put Pinterest to work

Make a board with cute holiday crafts for the whole family. Even if they’re ultimately fails, it will still be fun to get in the spirit. Just maybe avoid glitter that you’ll still be cleaning up come July. 

Read holiday books before bed 

Check out a stack of festive books from the library and read a different one each night. We love Llama Llama Holiday Drama over here.

Make a gingerbread house — or a whole gingerbread village

Obviously, you’ll need to eat about 40% of the candy as you go along.

Get matching holiday jammies for the entire family (and be sure to take pics)

Do it for the memories…or the Instagram likes, no judgement.

Photo by Toni Cuenca on Unsplash

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