Hello, and welcome to Thirty On Tap, the lifestyle blog that feels like a conversation with your best friend. This site is produced, edited, and run by De & Kate who are sisters (okay, sisters-in-law but the “in-law” is a technicality) who wanted to create a corner of the Internet filled with positive vibes for women . (Dudes are welcome too though.)

With the help of a growing network of contributors, this site has become a voice and outlet for the older millennial. On this blog, you’ll find a little bit of everything – fashion, fitness, food, lifestyle, entertainment, and a healthy dose of girl talk. With so many resources available for younger millennials as well as so many parenting blogs, we wanted to carve out a spot for the in-betweeners – the late-twenties / early-thirties crew who sometimes need advice, support, or just a really funny article with gifs. Here, thirty is always on tap.

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De was a New Yorker for most of her life, but now calls Boston home. In addition to working as a writer and editor, she is also an actress/singer/dancer/director/choreographer and self-declared Pokémon trainer. Some of her favorite things include dark nail polish, winged eyeliner, koalas, and dance parties. She is the owner of the fluffiest cat imaginable who even has his very own Instagram. In addition to running Thirty On Tap with Kate, De writes daily news for Teen Vogue and Allure, and can also be found at Glamour, Hello Giggles, Romper, and The Financial Diet.

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Kate was born and raised in Iowa, graduated from college in Illinois and spent 4 years in Texas. She now resides in Connecticut with her husband and two dogs, working as a Yoga Teacher and Fitness Instructor. Kate dreams of living by the beach, teaching yoga by day and baking cookies by night. She’s passionate about college football, lives in leggings, loves warm weather, and finds joy in the little things in life. Kate’s writing has been published on mindbodygreen, The Financial Diet, Thought Catalog and Elite Daily.

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