‘Tis The Season: 31 Scary Movies To Watch Before Halloween


By Rachela Forcellese

Finally, it is officially October! Now that Halloween month is upon us, it’s time to start celebrating in the best way possible…A.K.A. by watching scary movies. In fact, you should pledge this month to watch one scary movie per day. It’s truly the only way to celebrate. But don’t worry. We’ve done the hard work for you. Here are 31 movies you should watch this October. Continue reading

5 Reasons To Be Pumped For “Suicide Squad”


By Marie

If you go based off of the trailer you can tell that Suicide Squad is a movie not only meant to have the villains portrayed as the heroes but to have them become just as popular as the heroes. DC might be able to pull such a feat off thanks to the characters they’ve chosen to highlight as well as the actors chosen to portray them. If you aren’t all ready hyped here are some reasons you should be. Continue reading

5 Reasons “Bad” Moms Are Winning


By Eliza David

Women are bombarded with images of motherhood and it all starts during childhood. From the very first stuffed animal tucked into our beds at night to watching our own moms make the impossible happen, women are taught that mothers “do it all” with little to no effort. It’s easy, flawless, and natural, we’re told. As we become adults, some of us become conditioned to this ideal. Continue reading

Our Favorite Disney Channel Original Movies


By De and Kate

Former Disney channel star and current member of Taylor Swift’s squad, Selena Gomez, turns 24 today. Since our love for celeb culture started young with boy bands, our first Teen People magazine subscription, and Disney Channel Original Movies that eventually starred the birthday girl herself, we figured it’s only appropriate to celebrate with a roundup of our all-time favorite DCOMs. Permission granted to take a break from whatever political piece you’re reading or more important task you’re completing and join us on this quick stroll down memory lane. Continue reading

#TBT: Don’t Tell Mom – 90’s Shows & Movies We Watched On The DL


By De & Kate

Picture this – you’re in your bedroom, or at a friend’s house at a sleepover, watching that show you know your mom would kill you for watching. You’ve got the volume down low, and you’re ready to jump into action at the slightest indication of footsteps in the hall. You know the drill. We dedicate this piece to all the 30-year-old women who can still remember the thrill – and slight panic – of watching these shows and movies with remote in hand, hovering the ‘last’ button at all times. Continue reading

On His 40th Birthday: 7 Reasons To Love Colin Farrell


By Jaclyn Lindsay

Today marks Colin Farrell’s 40th birthday. As a fellow Irish person – and self-confessed fan of his –  I thought it was only fair to pay tribute to him.

The Dublin-born actor has been no stranger to the headlines in the past, with his various addictions to drugs, booze, and women. But in recent years, he has nearly disappeared from gossip columns completely, opting instead for a more private life, all the while, still maintaining his reputation as a respected actor.

Continue reading