Mean (Boss)Girls: 4 Bad Habits That Are Good For Your Hustle


By Eliza David

When it comes to your career, are you putting your best foot forward? Well, stop wasting your time! Your bad boss behavior might be more helpful than you think.

To err is human, allegedly, so there will be times in your professional life where you let your not-so-nice side get the better of you.  Well, your resident GirlBoss Guru is here to tell you that your bad habits – when executed from a different perspective – can prove to be some of your most useful tools in business. Continue reading

Four Hearts and 1000 Plans


By Makenna Doty

I was cleaning out my car yesterday (okay no I was sitting in the drive-thru line, digging up quarters for my gas station soda) and I found a necklace. It’s a thin copper chain with four heart outlines right in the middle. This necklace came from a small boutique in my college town. My older sister purchased it for me as a graduation gift. I remember my flight home at the end of that semester. I was so proud of myself. I had a plan. I had a job. I had a ton of experience and even more memories. I had a home to go back to. My dad had bought me a first class ticket.

I remember clutching those four little hearts as the plane took off- my own heart beating out of control. A few little ice crystals had formed on my window and reminded me of that first snow my freshman year. We flew over little squares of farmland and my mind returned to those summer nights when I would run miles past those potato fields of eastern Idaho. Continue reading

Becoming An Intern At 39


By Heather Angiletta

I am a 39 year old intern.

It’s not a label I would have used. But this Christmas over a heartfelt walk with my father he named it, I was doing a year of internship.

As we walked around my sister’s farm catching up on my visit home, I sheepishly tried to excuse my lack of perceived career direction and explain how I filled my days that produced no pay check. I felt shame and guilt as I tried to articulate following my passions. My father simply looked at me and said, “you’re doing a year of internship”. Continue reading

How To Set Goals For 2017 That You’ll Actually Accomplish



By Abby Flynn

In 2013 my roommates and I hosted possibly one of the greatest New Year’s Eve parties of all time. Sure afterwards our carpets were stained with red wine, we found random hair extensions all over the house, and our ears continued ringing for days after. But that’s all just part of the experience, right? Not to mention a super hunky blonde haired guy showed up that night who just happens to now be my husband. Continue reading

You’re Worth More Than Your Successes And Failures


By Lindsey Ellefson

The other day on my way to work, I got an email back from an editor who liked an application I submitted to write for her site… a year ago.

I laughed out loud but it wasn’t that funny.

See, a year ago, I was a wreck. I was 23, out of college, and trying to get articles placed in any outlet that would take them on top of managing a spa and doing freelance massage therapy and English tutoring. All I wanted was to be a full-time reporter and that was all my parents – who texted me every morning with some variation of, “Job?” – wanted, too. Continue reading

New Year, New Grind: 5 Ways to Recharge Your Hustle for 2017

New Year.jpg

By Eliza David

To say that 2016 was a rollercoaster is an understatement. We went through a lot this year: violence in the streets, endless high-profile deaths, and – of course – the most polarizing presidential election in recent history. One thing, however, that remains constant for all girlbosses is the grind. The hustle never sleeps but it needs to recharge before we usher it into the New Year.

With the holidays, family commitments, and festive celebrations taking up your already-packed schedule, how do you find time to map out your grind for the New Year? Continue reading

Talking Myself Into Life


By Kate Kole

I’m a sucker for any self-reflective advice piece. I love reading books like Oprah’s What I Know For Sure and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched Steve Jobs’ How to Live Before You Die commencement speech at Stanford. I see the nuggets of truth and wisdom we have to offer one another as invaluable.

So, I started wondering, on the brink of 30, what bit of life advice would I extend to others? What truth from my own experiences would I share? Of course, similar to Oprah – I was looking for any opportunity I could to use that sentence likening us to one another – I’d have more than one thing to say. It might not be a full book quite yet, but I could capably fill a few pages. Continue reading